What Is KryptoPal?

Kryptopal is a development platform for mass blockchain adoption. The platform seeks to develop applications, websites, POS systems, and IoT devices using the blockchain technology—for FREE.

KryptoPal Blockchain App Development Platform Components

The main goal of Kryptopal is to develop important resources to help users create blockchain applications that can connect with other applications globally.

The Kryptopal software development kit consists of the following components:

KryptoPal Benefits For Developers

Kryptopal aims at addressing the present problems that restrict widespread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. It seeks to achieve this by generating an all-inclusive platform that abstracts present market solutions into a singular toolset.

The toolset is available for application providers to customize and integrate into their already existing applications. This will avoid forcing users to adopt new applications all together. The following are principal benefits of using the Kryptopal platform.

It Reduces Barriers To Use Blockchains:

With Kryptopal, users can deploy and connect nodes, to the blockchain faster, in fact within minutes. This helps reduce costs and the development resources required for the adoption of blockchain technology.

It Solves Cryptocurrency Latent Issues:

Using Kryptopal-powered applications, users can open a revolutionary off-chain payment channel that can use the uRaider (an extension of ETH) network to provide real-time, zero-fee transactions.

Interconnects Applications Globally:

Kryptopal provides a new connective fabric for different applications to transact with one another. According to the information on their official website, “This fabric is a set of end-points abstracted to utilize application protocols and to trigger blockchain functions.”

Smart Contract Interactions:

Users can integrate smart contract applications into an existing application by abstracting the communication between the blockchain and the client.

KryptoPal KPX Token & ICO Details

The accepted token on KryptoPal platform is KryptoX, which consumers can use to access important API features and to conduct transactions in real-time by establishing micropayment outlets. The token achieves the following purposes:

  • It enables the Kryptopal community to integrate with the global mainstream applications.
  • Consumers can utilize the token to access the network and cover fees on each transaction conducted on the platform.
  • The token is also used to reward end users on the platform
  • Token holders can establish micropayment channels with no charges levied
  • The token can also be used in engaging investors in various activities such as to buy stuff, consume premium API functions, pay bills and to make micropayments.

Generally, KryptoPal platform opens a whole world of possibilities using smart contracts and cryptocurrency to conduct payments.

The token launch will take place on August 8, 2018. Kryptopal accepts ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, XLM, NEO, ADA, and DASH. You can join the whitelist on their website.

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