What Is KStarLive?

KStarLive is a decentralized platform for smart concerts, event ticketing, and crowdfunding protocols. With its existing user base of 8M followers, the platform seeks to utilize ethereum’s smart contract technology to increase its user base, innovate, and build contracts between the different participants of the platform.

The platform allows fans to support their favorite artists through a crowdfunding and marketing influencer protocol that will provide event discounts to fans. The platform will also issue smart tickets that are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Owners of the tickets can sell the tickets within the decentralized infrastructure of the protocol that ensures that ticket trade as safe and at fair prices.

KStarLive KSC Accepted Token

The KStarLive platform will integrate its ERC-20 based token KStarCoin into its system. The token will be used to achieve the platform’s goal of creating a communication and a content oriented service between fans and Hallyu stars. KStarCoin will not require registration or identification to activate Peer-to-Peer transactions between individuals. The token is also optimized using smart contracts to ensure that the main activities of the KStarLive platform are reliable and transparent.

The platform will use the KStarCoin to solve issues such as ticket scalping and fake celebrities while providing new ways for users to purchase products made in Korea. Other problems that the token will solve include lack of a unified payment method in the KstarLive platform, lack of a way to launch new products, difficulties for global fans in communicating or sending gifts or letters to their favorite Kstars and lack of opportunities for global fans to attend concerts and event.

KStarCoin Secure Crowdfunding

The KStarCoin token will be used to establish a secure system for crowdfunding domestic and overseas K-Pop performances and securing them and the profits by working with government agencies and domestic and foreign broadcasting companies. This will expand the global stars such as actors, singers, or sports stars.

Token holders will have access to the platform where they will be able to communicate with K-Stars and global fans and construct a system live broadcast using the KStarCoin. Users will also have the opportunity to send gifts to their favorite K-Pop stars through crowdfunding using the token. Fans will be incentivized using the KStarCoin in order to encourage participation on the platform. Investors and fans can purchase the tokens during the ICO.

KStarCoin KSC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: KSC
  • Token sale date: 9 MAY 2018 – 8 JUN 2018
  • Soft Cap: 9,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 45,000,000 USD
  • Accepted payment method: ETH
  • Standard: ERC 20
  • Total supply 15,000,000

KStarCoin Blockchain Concert Event Tickets Benefits


Fans who participate in the crowdfunding using the KStarCoin will receive a share of the profits in form of KStarCoins from concerts and events.

Discounts And Bonuses

Users who make purchases using KStarCoin will receive discounts and bonuses on the items. They will also earn loyalty points, which are convertible to KStarCoins.

Holders of the tokens will receive the annual Airdrop bonus KStarCoins based on the number of tokens they own.

Blocking Of Ticket Scalpers

Through the decentralized issuance and tracking system of the coin, the platform will be able to block ticket scalpers who purchase many tickets in order to re-sell them at a higher price on different sites.


The coin has procedures and protocols such as deposits in hard wallets that ensure the coin users are safe during transactions.

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