The new EOS MainNet platform which is about to be launched has officially gained the support of KuCoin, one of the most popular sites for cryptocurrency exchange. The team working for the famous company, announced that they’re able to effectively complete the swap registration of the new EOS MainNet Wallet.

Currently, the ERC20 tokens are registered on Ethereum blockchain platform however this is going to change this week after the launch of the new EOS MainNet. In fact, every ERC20 tokens will be registered to an EOS MainNet address and as of the 1st of june, the portfolios that won’t have undergone the conversion will be worthless.

KuCoin will help facilitate the transformation as the exchange platform will perform an automatic asset transfer that will have a security deposit guarantee. This has been officially announced the 27th of may on the companies twitter.

This automatic swap is supposed to be essential as it should have the advantage of preventing or at least reducing risks of asset loss. Once the conversion from EOS tokens to the EOS MainNet will be effective, users will be able to deposit and withdraw with ease. However, users have to bare in mind that on the 31st at 6 pm o’clock withdrawal and deposits for a short period in order to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

EOS is currently not the favorite digital currency. Nevertheless, it has been trending at the 5th position and this crypto appears to be gaining in popularity, therefore, individuals are looking forward to the official launch of the EOS MainNet and it may be another revolutionary event in the blockchain world.

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