Have you heard about the Kudos Project? There are a lot of new projects every month in the world of the cryptocurrency, so it's hard to keep track of all of them. To help you get to know more about these companies, we'll review the Kudos Project in this article. If you are unsure about investing in it or not and how are the prospects of the Kudos Project being successful, you have come to the right place.

What is the Kudos Project?

The Kudos Project is, in short, a block-chain based cryptocurrency project still in an initial phase. The objective of the project is to create a cryptocurrency that really rewards users and workers of services with tokens based on their performance and on how much they use it.

This project is being done by Skedaddle, a start-up created in 2015 with the idea of improving transportation. Its plan is to create an on-demand long-distance travel network to replace services like bus and cabs. The service is already working in cities across the United States and Canada.

How does the Kudos Project work?

The project will work based on user and worker rewards. Kudos will allow businesses to build customized reward programs by themselves, without needing to launch their own tokens, which will make the process cheaper and more accessible. This way, they can use the Kudos tokens to reward the people involved in their business. Workers will also be rewarded with 1-5 star ratings, to be rated for their performance.

The idea is to create an ecosystem around this reward system. The user rewards the worker for the transaction, while the business rewards the worker for its performance and the user for its loyalty. This way, using Kudos tokens, they can build an ecosystem of mutual trust and rewards and improve their service and keep the customers using it.

How to invest in the Kudos Project?

You can invest in this project by buying Kudos Tokens. The sale starts on November 15, so keep watching for news and promotions on how to buy Kudos Tokens. The sale will only use ETH, so if you only have BTC or another kind of cryptocurrency, you have to exchange it first. As of the moment of this report, there is still not a fixed price for the Kudos tokens, so you are advised to visit the visit before the sale.

As the project is in a very early stage, be advised that investing in the Kudos Project might be a risky investment, so do it with caution.

The Kudos Verdict

The Kudos Project is interesting but is still in a very early stage, so it's best to invest carefully. The project does have potential and might grow in the future if everything works out, but it's still very early to tell.

If you want to invest in the Kudos Project, be sure to follow their work closely during the following year, when the service will start to be used in Skedaddle and most of its structure will be built.

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