Technology was developed to empower, help and connect us. Our ability to communicate is more powerful than ever before, but we have never been more disconnected from each other. Social media is an incredible tool for, but it has made us more isolated than what we believe.

Is virtual validation more important than real life relationships? Why are we engaged online but awkward online? We are alone together.

But instead, we should use social media he way it use intended, to unite us instead of divide us. Why if we went back to what make life special? Sharing real life interactions, feeling more brave, confidential and safe.

There is a better way that is called it Kuende, the social network that encourages us to interact with people in the physical world more than in the virtual one. To be part of communities that share the same passion and values, to be curious, to meet new people, to make a positive change in the world, to be together and feel real again.

What Is Kuende?

Kuende is the first blockchain fueled hybrid online-offline social network focused on real world gamified challenges. Gamified Challenges will encourage people to engage in activities that lead to real-life interactions and relationships.

Of course, the platform comes with different rewards for users. There are incentives to create challenges, to participate in these interesting contest, ad to win if that’s possible. At the same time, there will be some fees if somebody wants to participate in specific events.

Kuende KUE Token ICO Details

The Kuende ecosystem will be a healthy and prosperous micro-economy that will empower the Kuende stakeholders to take an active role in maintaining and growing the ecosystem. The Kuende economy will be fueled by two tokens, the Kuende Token (KUE), and Kuende Points (Kp).

The Kuende Token will be generated during the Token Generation Event as an ERC20 token created for those who support Kuende’s vision. The number of KUE tokens a user own will determine the amount of Kuende Points that they can give when engaging with some Kuende features. Indeed, some Kuende features are only available for Kuende users.

Kuende Points will be used to pay for challenge entry fees, tips for content creators, to pay at the Kuende Shop (Kshop), for creating sponsored challenges, to promote content, for premium subscriptions and for in-game purchases.

Token Distribution And Allocation

The total token supply will be 3,560,000,000 KUE.

The KUE Token Distribution will be as follows:

  • 50% Token Sale
  • 20% Founders and Developer Team
  • 15% Community Pool
  • 12,5% Partners and Advisers
  • 2,5% Bounty Campaigns

The funds will be used as follows:

  • 35% Marketing
  • 30% R&D
  • 15% Business Development
  • 15% Overheads
  • 5% Security

Who Is Behind Kuende?

Kuende is now being developed by 24 specialists that work full time on transforming the team’s vision into reality. All of them have a strong background in the blockchain and crypto industry and are ready to develop the Kuende platform.

Pavel Antohe is the CEO & Founder of Kuende. He is an entrepreneur with 6 years of experience in the industry. He studies and forecasts the trends in social media to see opportunities before any of the competitors.

Dan Tudor is the CFO & Co-Founder of Kuende. He has over 20 years of experience in business development, finance and management. He loves the Kuende vision and joined the team as senior manager and overseer of daily operations.

TEodor Pripoae is the CTO & Co-Founder. He is a software developer with 8 years of experience. He oversees the entire development plan.

Mihnea Rafailescu is the CDO & Co-Founder. He has more than 8 yearas of experience in web design and he has passion for design and gaming.

Other important members of the team are Daniel Bugarin, Alexandru Tache, Razvan Carstea, Cosmin Rusu, Adrian Bogatu, Alisa Laza, Andrei Dumitra, Andrei Florea, Andrei Gherghe, Armando Ducan, and many others.


Kuende Blockchain Gamified Social Network Conclusion

Kuende is a project that wants to change the way in which we use social networks. The intention is to move towards a world in which social networks will make us have more interactions in the real world than in the virtual one.

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