Communication has become quite complicated, as one can define it in several ways. The traditional face to face is slowly dying off, as it is considered inefficient in a business context. Today, exchanging information through e-mail has become one of the most efficient, and global ways of getting a message across. This is where KuwaitKoin’s goal might intertwine with real-life uses of communication. 

The purpose of writing this piece is to introduce KuwaitKoin in terms of its reason for being, the team behind it, and ICO. 

What Is KuwaitKoin?

KuwaitKoin is believed to be the first Kuwait and world blockchain e-mail service. It is said to have been created out of necessity, as annoyance from spam e-mails and phishing attacks can be overpowering. 

In order to achieve the goals set by the KuwaitKoin team, the direction that will be taken includes increasing security and encryption of data being transferred, and providing proof of e-mail transactions. This approach can potentially help users trace back to the origin of an e-mail, as well as its authenticity. 

Simply put, instead of replacing existing communication via e-mails, the team believes that improving it by simply incorporating SMTP with Blockchain technology can increase security. 

Who Is Behind KuwaitKoin?

Currently five members make up the KuwaitKoin team. Faleh Alzeabi takes on the role of the CEO, Jaseem Alghanim is the CTO and lastly, Khaled Bastaki, who will be in charge of IT Management. For now, two advisors are onboard the KuwaitKoin project including Mateen Bebal and Norman Khan. In addition, the two partners who are joining KuwaitKoin to bring the project to life include Kuwait Zain and Expit Labs.

KuwaitKoin KWK Token ICO Details

KuwaitKoin’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been set to commence on May 10, 2018 and will end a month from then. A total of 224,000,000 KuwaitKoins will be distributed, each valued at 0.50USD. The minimum one can contribute is 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 50 ETH. 

KuwaitKoin Blockchain Email Service Conclusion

Based on the analysis above, the KuwaitKoin appears to be lacking a lot of information. For starters, the team’s level of experience is yet to be released. This is an important factor to consider as it will determine how the project will be dealt with and if the team has the capacity to handle any unforeseen hindrances.

Second, the ICO price is relatively high, which neither seems attractive nor reasonable. In addition, how the money raised will be distributed is yet to be disclosed. Lastly, the lack of partnerships might have many traders questioning the project. In all honesty, the main goal is significantly strong, as securing communication online has become a problem these days. However, transparency on the team’s part is not on par, which is something to consider.


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