LA Dodgers Player Tyler Adkison's BlockTerra Captial Crypto Hedge Fund

If it depends on Tyler Adkison, former LA Dodgers minor leaguer and CEO of a new cryptocurrency hedge fund targeted at athletes, cryptocurrency will be The Currency of the Millenials. The ex-player says that crypto is the wave of the future and that not the Baby Boomers or the Gen-Xers, but the Millenials will be ones leading this wave.

The ex baseball player decided to retire and launch its own hedge fund which is focused exclusively on athletes. Tyler states that some of the people around him are still skeptical because of the volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market, but the young man is confident.

He states that this is a Millennial-driven movement and that most of the developers are very young. As a tech geek with a fascination for Bitcoin that comes from even before it was famous, Adkison does not seem to have any regrets about jumping on this new business.

He also studied investment on college and feels that cryptocurrency is “the pinnacle of technological advancement”. He studied business during college and states that he does is not a gullible young man, but an investor who knows how to run a business.

Tyler Adkison's BlockTerra Captial Crypto Hedge Fund

With the name of BlockTerra Capital LLC, the hedge fund was created this year and already has some investors and more than 30 clients, mostly football and baseball players. Tyler Adkison’s first client is pretty well known: Joe Jelly, the 29 year old pitcher who plays for the Boston Red Sox.

The company will work as a hedge fund that will be based on blockchain and be focused on athletes, which have a lot of gains when they are young but often spend all of their money and have problems down the road.

The idea to create BlockTerra Capital LLC came to Tyler Adkison when he was injured last year. He tells that the had to sit down in the bench and that gave him some time to re-evaluate this life and to come up with this important decision.

Tyler’s decision to work full-time with his company happened because a new law was passed under the Consolidated Appropriations Act on March 23 that forced players like Tyler to dedicate themselves full-time to baseball, so he choose the cryptocurrency world instead. Will his company be successful? Only time will tell.

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