What Is LabStart?

LabStart is a blockchain-powered platform that has an aim of reinventing how innovations are funded. The goal is to let everyone invest directly in innovative projects presented on the platform. To invest in a project, an investor will only need the LabCoin. The result is that this is going to be a secure and decentralized alternative to traditional investment methods.

Main Issues LabStart Seeks To Solve

Some major issues exist in the current situation. One is that funding is inadequate for innovators. The secondly is that it is quite difficult to access funds from investors. Thirdly, individuals lack safe places where they can invest in innovative projects. LabStart has the aim to bridge the gap between the people and potential innovative projects, which can help to answer the growing problems of society.

To address these issues, the developers of this project will utilize the smart contract and blockchain technology. They will use the technology to create a distributed, accessible, and controlled environment. Once research and development lead to the creation of a patent, investors will hold a certain percentage of the intellectual property. This will be calculated based on the number of funds invested.

Consequently, they will have rights to make decisions on an innovative idea. For instance, they will have rights to decide on the distribution of licenses, the sale of patents, and much more. The developers of the LabStart platform genuinely believe that they are offering a great solution.

An Overview Of The Market

One or more patents protect intellectual property that results from research. The designated bodies in each country usually file it. For you to issues a worldwide-protected patent, you will need to fill an application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The patent will be effective in all nations that are signatories to the treaty.

Ownership of patents can be economically viewed in three ways: the sale of a patent, commercial exploitation, and the sale of user license. In 2007, it was estimated that intellectual property was worth more than $5 trillion in the US. This figure represented 45% of the USA’s GDP at the time.

Successful patents generate about $180 billion in licensing every year. On the brokerage market, each patent generates an average value of about $400,000. On the OTC markets, it generates approximately USD 1 million. This can be clearly demonstrated by the transactions between major tech companies such as Apple, Google, Motorola, and Facebook. Each year, 50 patent brokers have the acquisition capacity of $8 billion. In 2015, it was estimated that about $2.9 million patents were filed.

How LabStart Invest & Fund Blockchain Investing Works

The LabStart platform is going to be a third party service where research projects that are in need of investment will be displayed. Investors that own LabCoins will get to choose a project they believe in and back it with LabCoin.

LabCoin LAB ICO Details

The LabCoin will be first issued during the ICO. They will then be traded on exchanges. The sharing of intellectual property will be made possible because of the blockchain and smart contracts. Project monitoring, transparency, and security will be guaranteed by cryptocurrency technology. There will also be a legal department to verify the legality of each innovative project. The ICO will start in about three days.

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