Laccoin (LAC) is an Ethereum backed coin that allows for the banked, underbanked, and the unbanked located in the Caribbean region and Latin America to send money, invest, and send micro-loans to each other using a web app or their mobile wallet. By use of the LAC debit card and with access to the LAC index fund, members can spend their LAC tokens or use and invest their P2P loans that are connected with their LAC wallet. The wallet accepts both Visa and MasterCard. The platform hopes to come up with a viable monetary transaction ecosystem that will be a better alternative to the traditional banking system.

The Laccoin Products

To enable the achievement of its goals, the LAC platform will have the below products.

LAC Wallet

This multi-asset wallet will provide a decentralized and trusted storage of the user’s virtual coins. The wallet will have strong security features to ensure the confidentiality of the user’s information. The wallet will also provide access to P2P loans.

Laccoin Debit Card

This card works in conjunction with the LAC wallet. The users have an option to lock or unlock the card and the use of the card provides an opportunity for the user to be rewarded with LAC coins.

Laccoin Loans

Users of the Laccoin platform will be able to make peer-to-peer loans. Users can also come together and if they have a high credit rating, they will be able to make small P2P loans. Users who have high credit ratings can also apply for loans on the platform.

The Laccoin Wealth Fund

The fund is a cryptocurrency wealth fund that will hold liquid digital coins. The fund will only be open to the LAC token holders. The portfolio will be well managed, regulated, diversified, and monitored to meet the needs of the LAC token holders.

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Advantages Of Laccoin

Laccoin will provide the below benefits to its users.

Affordable Money Remittance System

The current remittance systems charge high fees to those remitting money making them costly. Laccoin will be an easy and affordable way to send international remittances to other Laccoin wallet holders. The use of blockchain technology will allow for a decentralized platform that does away with the need for intermediaries, which will reduce cost.

Providing Services to The Underbanked

Many people are unable to access banking services since most banks are only available in big cities and towns. Laccoin will be able to access the underbanked with the use of the mobile device’s app allowing them to access banking services and cryptocurrency card payments.

Allowing Users to Access Loans

The traditional financing mechanism makes it hard for ordinary citizens to access loans due to the many rules and regulations that need to be met. Laccoin will empower citizens in the region by providing access to loans through nontraditional means. The user’s credit score will be created through the Laccoin wallet.

Providing the Unbanked and Underbanked with A Financial Vehicle to Build Their Wealth

The Index Fund that will be open for the LAC token holders. It will have liquid cryptocurrencies, which are well managed. This will provide a robust, liquid portfolio that will meet the needs of the LAC ecosystem.

LAC Token Sale

The Laccoin is an Ethereum backed cryptocurrency whose pre-token sale date is scheduled for 1st September 2018. The ICO date will be on 1st November 2018. The platform will offer 390 million LAC tokens during the ICO sale. The accepted currencies during the sale will be Ethereum. The ICO token price will be 0.10 USD.

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