Lambda and Decentralized AI Trust Alliance (DATA) to Offer Blockchain Solutions to the World

Lambda is a leader in the world of blockchain infrastructure storage. It recently collaborated with DATA to improve data trust. DATA is a protocol for data authentication that runs on AI, the blockchain and P2P mobile storage.

How This Partnership Will Work

The two companies will work together to identify issues in the area of data tracking, quality control, and ownership confirmation. The aim is to help industries such as fintechs, and digital ads to solve the challenges that they face. These are challenges that have had an impact on cost and efficiency in these industries. The two companies will jointly identify and resolve the issues in these industries.

What the Top Leadership Had to Say

The founder of Lambda said that his company was excited to be partnering with DATA. He added that this partnership would have a positive impact on data irretrievability, integrity, and authentication. According to him, this positive impact would be felt in the areas of digital ads, fintechs, and upcoming blockchain projects.

The CEO and co-creator of DATA also had similar sentiments. He said that the company had shown a commitment to resolving the major issues such as resource wastage, inefficiency, and unfair distribution of value. These issues usually led to fake data distribution and the lack of trust. He also said that P2P mobile storage was crucial for his company’s ecosystem.

According to him, the main reason for working with Lambda is the expertise in their team. This team could reliably provide data integrity in the area of blockchain storage. The two companies will create an alliance that will offer implementable and secure solutions for various sectors.

About DATA

DATA is a company that specializes in blockchain technology. It focuses on using this technology for data verification with the aid of AI and P2P mobile storage. The company has a goal of solving various issues in the world with the help of blockchain technology. Its main area of focus is natural resource wastage, inefficiencies in collaboration, fraud on the internet, and unfair distribution of value due to lack of trust.

In the area of device-grade data, the company uses AI, distributed storage, and the blockchain to ensure reliable data tracking and data quality control. Quality control can be achieved via the creation of an immutable credit-rating system for this data.

The company has a huge pool of talent located in various parts of the world such as Seoul, Beijing, Berlin, and the Bay Area. Experts who work at this company come from various technology leaders such as Oracle, Capital One, Minor Strategy, Tencent, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, and Microsoft.

About Lambda

This is a safe, efficient, and scalable project for the world of blockchain infrastructure. The company offers DApp solutions, cross-chain management of data, unlimited data storage capabilities, data protection, data verification, and various other solutions related to data. Lambda uses the blockchain technology to offer it solutions to the world. The company has partnered with various companies globally to implement its solutions.

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