LamboX Club LOBX ICO

Everyday hundreds of scams/HYIPs pop up in the cryptocurrency market and since all the business models are so new, it is difficult to make out the difference between a legitimate opportunities or people fishing for baits.

About LamboX Club LOBX

LamboX Club is an exclusive Passive Income platform where investment option involves profiting from LamboX AI trading bot, volatility software, algo trading signals and trading in cryptocurrencies. They return 90% of the investors profits back to investors.

Unlike traditional trading platform who pay their interest in USD and convert to their coin, LamboX has interest paid in USDX. After the locked period for an investment gets over you can take the investment out of the platform or you can use USDX to buy back LamboX through internal exchange. You may exchange between BitCoin/Ethereum/USDX or LBOX internally.

Passive Income Program

Investing in LamboX Coin (LBOX) gives investors a way to earn daily Passive Income through their platform. Extreme Interest Promotion Rate is 5.8% and Extreme Interest Rate is 1.8 to 5.8%. You can receive the daily passive income right in your wallet.

  • For an investing amount of $100-$ 1000 you will get extreme interest rate and a capital resease period of 178 days.
  • For an investment amount of $1001-$5000 you get 0.1% of daily passive income and a capital release date of 148 days.
  • An investment amount of $10,001 to $100,000 gets you a daily income rate of 0.28% and a capital release period of 108 days.
  • Investment of $100,001-$250,000 gets you an investment rate of 0.38% daily and a capital release period of 98 days.

Details About the LamboX Club LOBX ICO

With a maximum supply of 28 Million LimboX coins, 8.4 million coins will be sold in ICO. Any coins not sold in the ICO will be burned. There will be a 10% referral bonus during the ICO which will be paid in coins and will be airdropped to your wallet.

There will be a round of Pre-ICO held which will have a bonus of 18% and a price of $0.5. 5 rounds of ICOs will be held with price of each token being $0.8, $1.0, $1.3, $1.6 and $2.0 and bonuses for the corresponding rounds being 15%, 12%,10%, 8% and 5%.

ICO starts on 1st March, 2018 and finishes on 31st March.

LamboX Club LOBX ICO Conclusion

Although Lambox Club gives lucrative return and interest rates they don’t have a proven track record. Their website has no information about the founders or management and absolutely no member of their team can be found anywhere on the internet.

Their business models are very rudimentary and their whitepaper fails to catch the complexities of a differential trading. It doesn’t help that all their social profiles have negligible followers. The whitepaper seems to be written by amateurs who have not proof read the documents. LamboX Club has a tagline of ‘Your Dream car is awaiting you’ which seems like something a scamster would say.

You can visit them on their website to make an educated guess about their company yourself.

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