LampEducation is an innovation of Canadian educational experts. The digital platform seeks to offer solutions to the disintegration process most indigenous language speakers face in their daily undertakings. Through this platform, the developers want to prove to the world that the learning process can take place from anywhere in the world, with much success while preserving the languages. All this will be made possible through the use of the ICO funds to reach out to underdeveloped nations across the globe.

Why Should I Join Lamp Education?

As the world moves forward and various aspects of life get swept away by digitization, some communities in the world take upon themselves to preserve their languages. However, this is difficult as they face many challenges especially when it comes to learning. Therefore, if the world has to protect its diversity, then we need a solution. LampEducation comes to offer precisely that through its blockchain platform. The platform targets indigenous communities and governments that want to preserve their languages even as they learn about new things.

Therefore, the use of bilingual languages helps learners to master an additional language that will assist them in integrating into the world while maintaining the value of their first language for regular use. Through this, you get to be proficient in both languages, thus fitting in both worlds (indigenous and mainstream).

Additionally, by incorporating children into the learning process helps cultivate a sense of belonging to different groups. Through this, they get to learn about their culture and those of others thus remaining respectful of each other's way of life. If this works well, there are better chances of growth as children can correctly express themselves in both informal and formal settings, thus gain confidence in themselves.

Since the platform seeks to be blockchain enabled, it encourages people to embrace technology in passing different forms of knowledge, both to adults and children. Technology makes it possible for children to understand a given type of information as it's more interactive as opposed to sitting in a classroom all day. Also, the fact that one can retrieve any information from the system at a later date makes future references simpler thus increasing the chances of language revival in the future generations.

Lamp Education LMP Cryptocurrency Token ICO Details

Through the use of a decentralized platform, you get the chance to receive updates on the progress of the procedure thus building trust with the donors. Also, the use of Lamp Coin; an ERC20, comes in handy as transactions become more secure and transparent through the blockchain system. You can purchase the LMP token when the company launches their ICO on March 30, 2018.

Additionally, the coins form a Cryptocurrency aspect that can help in future exchanges to support future projects. The move seems reasonable to cover donations from the multi-million crypto industry. You also enjoy low transaction costs.

Why Shouldn't I Join Lamp Education?

While this seems like a good idea, implementing it into a real cause requires more than a road map. Besides, there are so many indigenous speakers in the world who aren't ready for change, so that poses a challenge. However, if this interests you, you can always start out small.

Lamp Education Wrap Up

The launch of Lamp Coins through the Lampeducation platform comes as a move to help the world preserve various indigenous languages. The developers aim at reaching out to governments of less developed countries, through crypto donations, for robust long-term sustainability solutions.

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