Lampix is a high-tech device that promises to transform any surface into a smart surface. Find out how Lampix works today in our review.

What Is Lampix?

Lampix is an augmented reality system capable of turning any surface – like a wall or desk – into a smart surface.

The company’s ICO is taking place throughout the month of August. At the time of writing, Lampix had raised over 42,000 ETH. Investors are receiving PIX tokens in exchange for their investment. Lampix’s blockchain technology is designed to create a database of one billion immutable images – something the Lampix system needs in order to solidify its future.

The world first heard about Lampix in 2016, when the company debuted its “smart light” at tech shows in the United States. Lampix was capable of casting light onto a surface, and then setting up various trigger points on that surface. When movement was detected on that surface, the user interacted with the game, app, or function.

Lampix is a futuristic, augmented reality lighting system with a lot of potential. Let’s take a closer look at how Lampix works.

How Does Lampix Work?

Lampix casts light onto an ordinary surface, then lets users interact with that surface as if it were a touchscreen or tablet.

The Lampix lamp can cast light onto a wall or desk, for example, to expand your working space. The product is designed to be minimally intrusive.

Lampix is also designed to support a wide variety of uses. The Lampix website is encouraging developers to create apps for the platform. Today, most Lampix functions involve either games or productivity activities – like working on digital documents or playing games like tower defense-style games.

In videos posted on, we can see the platform used for a wide variety of activities. It can be used to highlight retail items at a store, for example. Customers could view an item on a shelf and then check the Lampix screen to view reviews of that item from the internet. With a swipe, customers can remove that review from the screen to read another one.

Augmented reality games are also common. But one of the most futuristic uses for Lampix is to collaborate on the same physical piece of paper with someone over the internet. You can collaborate with another Lampix user in real-time. Let’s say you both have a blank piece of paper on your desk. You use Lampix to draw virtual X’s or O’s in a grid, and you can play X’s and O’s with someone across the world.

Who’s Behind Lampix?

Lampix is led by MIT alumnus George Popescu. The New York-based technologist has 3 master’s degrees: one in computer science, another in electrical engineering, and a third in nanosciences. He founded Boston Technologies, which was the city’s fastest growing company in 2011. He has also made the Inc 500 or Inc 5000 list for 4 years in a row. Today, Popescu is based in New York.

The other key member of Lampix is Mihai Dumitrescu, who is also the founder, CEO, and CTO of Rosoftlab. Rosoftlab has been developing augmented reality apps and systems since 2006. Their products and services are used throughout Europe.

Lampix maintains offices in New York and San Francisco. You can contact the development team by email at [email protected]

The Lampix Token Sale

Up to this point, we haven’t talked much about how Lampix is related to cryptocurrency, or why they’re having a token sale.

Lampix’s token (PIX) is part of the world’s first blockchain based “image mining” network for augmented reality and other computer vision systems – like Lampix. The company is creating a new blockchain that will hold data-sets of real world objects. That data is a prerequisite for augmented reality systems like smartphones, wearable glasses, and Lampix.

Here’s how the website explains the importance of the PIX token:

“To enable Lampix to reach its full potential, we need to build a billion-picture-and-description database. We will use PIX tokens to grow the data ecosystem through purchases and payments.”

Within the Lampix ecosystem, users can spend PIX on database data, a Lampix device, Lampix apps, or cloud computing services (Lampix GAS).

Meanwhile, users can earn Lampix by mining pictures, voting, and developing Lampix apps.

Using a blockchain-based image mining system helps ensure that images have not been tampered with. Each image is stored on the blockchain with a hash. This also allows users to know that they used the full data set, with no actual picture having been added or removed.

During the token sale, one PIX is equivalent to $0.12.

Lampix Conclusion

Lampix is a futuristic system that involves casting light onto a surface to turn anything into a smart surface. It’s a unique system that could change the world of augmented reality. The developers have already created a working prototype, and Lampix has been appearing at tech shows since 2016.

This past month, Lampix launched a token sale. The company has launched a token ecosystem with the goal of creating a database of one billion images. Users can contribute their processing power to that ecosystem, then receive PIX tokens in return. The goal is to build a database of one billion immutable images.

To learn more about the Lampix device or the PIX token sale, visit the company online today at

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