LanceChain LANC ICO Review

In the past decade we saw the emergence of multiple freelance platforms which revolutionised service industries in various domains. Initially it was Uber and AirBnB which took on transport and hospitality industries and now it is penetrating into big data, mobile applications and gaming. The freelance industry is growing rapidly which consumes about 35% of the US and European workforce with the entire industry being worth around 1.4 trillion USD.

Current freelance marketplaces apply high fees, take non-transparent decisions affecting both freelancers and project owners. By utilizing the blockchain concept, LanceChain wants to create a freelance marketplace in a cost efficient, transparent, high quality and secure manner.

About LanceChain

LanceChain is the decentralized marketplace for both freelancers and project owners which is based on a blockchain ecosystem. By removing the middleman between the freelancer and the customer they make sure all the profits are distributed between the parties and no commission goes to the platform. They have adopted a special approach towards talent management and have an innovative talent vetting program which helps in quality control of the platform.

The whole platform will be based on several abstraction layers allowing easy enhancement, modifications, additions and replacements of the underlying technologies and services. The users will interact with intuitive front end, on browser or mobile application, which is designed for a great user journey.

Features  of LanceChain LANC

  1. 0% commission: Unlike most existing freelancing platforms who take away 15-25% of your earnings, LanceChain operates on a commission-less policy.
  2. Guaranteed payments: They leverage Ethereum’s smart contract escrow system to guarantee payments to freelancers.
  3. Dispute settlement: The community of LANC token holders elect experts on independent subject matter. These specialists will settle disputes and ensure the work meets industry standards.
  4. Talent recognition: LANC token holders with expert level skills in their field will be leveraging the knowledge the posses to evaluate the freelancers skills and help the community handpick the ones to enter top talent pool.
  5. No censorship: There are no central authorities to bias reviews, ratings, achievements, earnings, spendings and so on.
  6. Additional Earnings: Experts who participate in the talent recognition program and those who resolve issues get monetary benefits in the form of LANC tokens in exchange for their efforts.

LanceChain LANC ICO Token

LanceChain Tokens are set on Ethereum platform with a standard ERC-20 Token interface. Maximum supply of token is limited to 96,800,000 with a soft cap of 20,000 ETH and a hard ap of 31,000 ETH. 50% of LANC is issued to contributors in the fundraiser, 20% allocated to partnerships, community grants and public bounties, 20% goes to LanceChain’s long-term operating budget and 10% goes to the founders, team members,advisors and early contributors.

The duration f token sale is spread out for 10 weeks and consists of 3 rounds. The price is 1400-2000 LANC per 1 ETH, depending on the round.

LanceChain LANC ICO Conclusion

With an already established freelance market in Europe and US, and an emerging market in Asia; accompanied with the trust in blockchain, LanceCoin is at a very important junction. They have found the approach to undercut their competitors by making a better, fairer and cheaper project.

You can sign up to their Whitelist, participate in their ICO or just learn more about the platform on their website

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