Landcoin ICO (LCD Token) Review: Blockchain Land Ownership Coin?

Historically, land has always been one of the most profitable long-term investments. Despite this, land investments usually have a high entry barrier. To invest in land, you will usually need a huge amount of capital. Besides that, you will need a lot of time to navigate through the legal complexities involved in the sale and purchase of land.

The aim of the Landcoin project is to solve these complexities and democratize access to land. The project will offer a channel via which people can crowdsource land investments. It will make it possible for smaller investors to securely and easily get access to land. Thus, they will be able to reap the benefits of land investment by utilizing the blockchain and smart contracts.

About Landcoin

The property value around the world has continued to grow immensely over the past few decades. Today, land is considered one of the safest stores of value. It also comes with possibilities of more retunes thanks to things such as leasing and land development.

The Issues

Despite the immense potential, the land market has many issues. One of them is the barrier to entry. These barriers are both monetary and regulatory. In most places, rural land costs 5 times the average annual income in developed nations. This figure grows significantly in developing nations.

The other issue with land is the complexity of the market. To purchase or sell land, it can be quite complex and tedious. One has to deal with all manner of people such as lawyers, surveyors, brokers, and many others. All of these players come with a fee attached. In some cases, the administrative fees can be as high as 20% of the land price.

The investment process also varies depending on how you are purchasing the land. It can be freehold, leasehold, farmland, development to build or anything else. This only makes the process more complex.

The Solution

The creators of Landcoin believe that it will offer the solution to problems in the land sector. It will make it possible to invest in arbitrary amounts in the land sector. The aim is to ensure democratic ownership, efficiency, and simplicity in the land sector. Buyers will be able to purchase any percentage of land they wish on the Landcoin platform via Landcoin tokens (LDC). Decisions on the management of the land are made via an Ethereum smart contract. On this platform, one LDC is equal to one vote.

Landcoin ICO

Supply of tokens will be as follows:

  • Token Symbol: LDC
  • Token Sale Starts: March 20, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: April 19, 2018
  • Token Price: 1 LDC will be 0.1ETH
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Hard Cap: 20 Million
  • Crowdsale -30%
  • Landcoin will retain 25%
  • The LDC tokens will be transferrable 10 days after the crowdsale ends.

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