Lantah ICO (GRAM Token) Review:

The e-commerce industry has been evolving in the past few months, and it is clear to the major participants plus Wall street. That the legacy financial systems are dying to pave the way for the new wave that is taking place, this is the virtual currency. It is about that time that the blockchain technology can finally meet the world and be in a position to adequately serve the global community with the very first borderless marketplace.

So this means that fraud, friction, and the very greedy middleman will no longer be involved in the transaction that we get into. This is where Lantah comes to play with its borderless marketplace that has been able to put the world of e-commerce in your fingertips. It has been made possible with the inexpensive, quick, safe and convenient transactions.

The platform is able to connect the various sellers and buyers anywhere in the world; thus, this has been able to give each individual access to the world-class distribution and sales system that were previously had to access.

What Is Lantah?

In 2017 Lantah was founded by a gentleman called Daniel Jeffery. He had a vision to revolutionize commerce this is by introducing the power blockchain technology has. He recognized early on that the legacy financial systems will soon be giving way to the virtual currencies and the various dynamic payments system that keeps coming up.

He also knew with the innate strength of the blockchain technology it would address the increase in fraud and greed that we keep witnessing in the market. So from this, he quickly assembled a team of well-known experts in the e-commerce industry, software development, supply chain management and also marketing. The group comprises of individuals who fully understood what it took to make an idea successful.

The company wholeheartedly believes that trade should be done effortless, be fraud-resistant and fast, having a marketplace where the buyers and sellers can efficiently use their currencies of choice. It is either in the traditional fiat or the latest promising cryptocurrencies we see each day in the market.

How Lantah Blockchain Commerce Marketplace Works

The platform will be able to provide a vibrant ecosystem that will also include online storefronts, a secure contract and proper logistics for a full supply chain. Thus, this will be able to give each individual access to the world-class distribution system that we couldn’t get a hold of. This is not all as the company has a cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency, which is the gram, will allow each individual to transact on the Lantah network efficiently, and it has also been designed in a way it is able to function with the high liquidity that is needed to span a given economy. The gram is able to either act as a standalone currency or it could be a temporary common ground that will be able to work as speedy and cost-effective settlement layer that can be used between various currencies.

Lantah GRAM Token ICO Details

The company is holding an initial coin offering for their GRAM token. The pre-ICO is live now.


  • Minimum Funding: $30,000,000 (USD)
  • Maximum Funding: No limit
  • Tokens to ICO: 350,000,000ꞡ
  • Approximate date of start: not yet determined
  • Approximate date of end: not yet determined

Lantah Conclusion

The company is genuinely bringing the crypto market out of its current view as just an investment option and straight into the mainstream of e-commerce. The company is striving to connect with the global commerce in a seamless manner, a platform that you should be a part of.

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