Is LAPO Blockchain a Viable Financial Ecosystem?

Our global financial ecosystems serve billions while moving trillions of dollars each day. However, these systems are rife with problems with frequent delays and additional fees. Not to mention, the onerous paperwork and fraud cases you frequently encounter. The only positive is that the evolution of blockchain technology is proving to be a remedy for these shortcomings.

But there is also a downside to cryptocurrency as a mode of transaction given their high volatility. Such a situation calls for the creation of a financial ecosystem within the blockchain to acts as a central authority and sustains the currency. The following venture is on course to create its financial ecosystem with its very own low volatile cryptocurrency.

About LAPO Blockchain

LAPO Blockchain plans to build a reliable and stable connection between our traditional finance system and the new form of crypto financing. The blockchain will have its financial ecosystem (LAPO ecosystem) plus its own LAPO LAX and a core portal for services (LAPO eplatform).

The revolutionary economic platform will help to empower traders, consumers and any financial market players with a human-centered payment model that integrates with blockchain technology. Consequently, LAPO expects their technology will help reduce the complexity of business processes and increase the usability of cryptocurrency.

What Makes Up the LAPO LAX eplatform

As the leading gateway to LAPO’s goal of a decentralized financial ecosystem, LAPO ePlatform will include several portals to different financial solutions. These will consist of

  • Trading platform- a decentralized exchange for the trading of LAPO tokens, Altcoins, LAX or Fiat currency.
  • EGateway(LEG)- with the simple API user interface, you can integrate payments with online shops, apps or services
  • LAPO Stability fund-the ecosystem’s fund will help prevent situations where artificial price volatility of LAX happens. That will happen through LAPO bank to ensure the stability of the blockchain economy.
  • LAPO Direct Marketing- traders and businesses can create customized advertisements or promotions to the LAPO’s wallet holders as the audience. Those using the Merchant Portal are the primary users of the portal.
  • LAPO Sale Point- the LSP portal will have members make and accept LAPO payments with mobile devices, tablet or computer applications.
  • Merchant Portal- this platform will have a business-oriented wallet, AI capabilities, and a report function.
  • LAPO Payment Protection- will facilitate the protection of customers and their transactions from fraud, data breaches or scams.

Advantages of Using LAPO LAX

  • Privacy – LAPO will leverage the technology in the crypto, DASH, to ensure the anonymity of your currency transaction through fungibility.
  • Fast transactions – it is apparent that deals with LAPO blockchain are set to take only 2 to 5 seconds
  • Incentives and rewards – the Superblock Lottery reward will reward LAX miners with a 50% discount.
  • Security – to build on secure user experience, LAPO will have an alias system to reduce spoofing or typing errors when it comes to transactions.
  • Multi-language wallet – to accommodate users from across the globe, the LAPO wallet will have a series of languages.

Should You Join the LAPO ePlatform?

With the popularity of crypto, businesses are seeking new ways to apply blockchain technology for their transactions. A venture such as LAPO is an excellent option for those seeking a workable financial ecosystem. The primary concern for such platforms is that they do overwrite the concept of a decentralized blockchain with the use of a central bank.

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