Larecoin ICO

About Larecoin

Larecoin is an upgradable P2P token that is used in the education sector. Larecoin has its coin and a digital asset exchange. It is used on a three-layer technology. LareX is engineered for students, lareVIA for educational systems, and lareR for businesses. Through blockchain technology, the token is fueling the future of global education.


This platform is made for students. The Larecoin can be used on the platform to pay for tuition, purchase goods or services, and can be traded on an exchange. The Larecoin smart wallet system allows students to deposit, withdrawal, trade, and organize their digital assets in one wallet.

The wallet is compatible with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and ten other altcoins. It gives students control of their digital wallets. LareX also allows the students to sell or buy cryptocurrencies in real-time among a massive community of individuals, educational systems, and businesses.

Students can use LareX to apply and search for universities that offer programs in their field of study or even use other filters to narrow down the results to get the education of their dream.


lareVIA is used to connect universities. The platforms search engine has an advanced AI for crawling real-time data, real-time reporting, and insights for accredited colleges and universities. This platform empowers the deans of tomorrow. It has invaluable predictive analytics and information that is results-based. The platform collaborates and procures with educational systems all over the world to enhance education.

This platform is for those who want to improve themselves. They can do so by using an already successful academic model to come up with a valuable structure to succeed. The platform has the Larecoin smart scholarship vault that is used to escrow funds for scholarship issuers.

The platform cuts out all the barriers in the traditional scholarship system and uses an automated system to issue scholarships. Students and faculty members can create portals to micro-manage their programs, students, staff, calendars, and assignments.


This platform increases brand awareness for businesses. It has a dozen of neat themes that business owners can use to establish their brand online using a custom domain name and an online store. Using the platform, you can create and organize your content.

The platform also offers customer analytics that can be used to promote your business. You can track data that is vital to your business success, generate receipts, invoices, and manage payments. The platform has millions of people who can be potential customers to your business.

The platform enables businesses to thrive in a global network and accepts Larecoin as a form of payment. The coin can also be used to pay employees, and it can be exchanged for fiat currency or to other cryptocurrencies in exchanges. The platform gives the users increased business visibility and opportunities for conversion. The marketing offered by the platform leads to a loyal customer base.

When you sign up on the Larecoin platform, you will be offered $10 worth of Larecoin. The presale is currently ongoing. The value of the coin is at 1LARE=$0.56085.

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