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Laser Online is a digital funds investment platform that promises to pay 12% daily returns on investment. Here’s our review.

What Is Laser Online?

Laser Online, found at, is a cryptocurrency investment program that describes itself as a “lucrative opportunity to earn money online.”

The company’s investments, as you may have guessed from the name, are all related to the user of lasers. The company was founded to address the need for investments in laser-based products.

In any case, Laser Online claims to pay returns of 12% per day, guaranteed. The company doesn’t claim to pay you “up to 12%” – it specifically promises to pay 12%. Best of all, you can collect on those returns within just 12 business days.

Obviously, when somebody promises to pay you 150% returns, guaranteed, every 12 business days, that can be a red flag. Its difficult to find a company that wants to pay as much to borrow your money, and its also difficult to guarantee payouts as high as 12% per day, every day.

How Does Laser Online Work?

Laser Online appears to be a high yield investment program, or multilevel marketing program. You pay to join the company, then receive payouts until the scheme collapses. Along the way, you keep the business afloat by recruiting new members to the company. Eventually, the company collapses, leaving everyone but the highest level investors and the owner without their initial investment.

Laser Online does post a list of valid payouts on its websites right now, which includes a series of payments to verifiable bitcoin addresses. Payouts range from $9 to $420.

The website also posts a list of the biggest shareholders, all of whom have deposits between $9,000 and $20,000.

In terms of actually making money and generating an ROI, here’s how the company explains its moneymaking potential:

“If you'd start with $10,000 deposit, you'll be credited $1,200 interest every 24 hours (on business days) for the next 12 business days. After 9 business days you'll pass break even point with over 108% back (including principle) and upon expiry you will earn a total of 144% i.e. ~ $14,400 in total, in other terms NET profit of $4,400 ~ 44% per term. You can withdraw from balance or re-invest (compound) at anytime to increase your average monthly profit.”

Laser Online Plans

Laser Online has just one plan, which is the 12% ROI per day plan mentioned above. That plan requires a minimum investment of $2.50 per slot (maximum investment of $10,000). There’s a minimum withdrawal limit of $2.50.

Laser Online’s flagship plan comes with a three level referral program. You get 5% on the first level, 2% on the second level, and 1% on the third level.

Who’s Behind Laser Online?

Laser Online, LLC is a Delaware-registered corporation. The company lists an address in Wilmington, although we can’t see any evidence that the company actually maintains an office at that address.

The Laser Online “About Us” page posts biographical information about the people running the company. Key members include Antonio Garley (CEO), Agnes Lo (Financial Head), Peter Mackey (Marketing Manager), Andy Davis (Lead Developer), and Emma Wilson (Customer Support).

Each employee is accompanied with a headshot and basic details about their background. However, the information is suspiciously vague and lacks any specific details – like previous clients, employers, or titles. We also can’t find any further information about any of these individuals online – a Google Search for Antonio Garley, for example, reveals absolutely nothing.

Laser Online vaguely mentions a partnership with a “high-tech engineering and laser-based contract manufacturing firm”, although that firm is never named. We also have no information about the products made by that firm.

Conclusion: Is Laser Online a Scam?

Laser Online is a high yield investment program operating like a pyramid scheme. Like other HYIPs, you pay a fee to join, then earn interest as new members are recruited to the platform. The company continues to lure in gullible investors until it can’t lure in any more people, at which point it collapses.

Laser Online may appear to be more legitimate than other HYIPs at first glance. However, a closer look at the company reveals that it’s all a bit shady: the company has no listed office location, for example, and the executive team doesn’t appear to consist of real people – despite the fact we have an address in Delaware and the names of the executive team. Laser Online also claims to have some broad investment strategy in lasers by partnering with a laser manufacturer – but this partnership doesn’t appear to exist.

Ultimately, Laser Online is a blatant scam. However, like other HYIP scams, it could pay out for a short time before disappearing offline – although you’re unlikely to ever see returns of 12% per day.


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  1. For a scam site this one actually pays out. The website is improved everytime and i already have got my 500 dollars back and now i am playing with my profit of 1045 dollars.. Reinvest 4 days manually and collect 1 day per week. This will increase your active investment and over 1 week i receive 300 dollars every week. For free. I know it’s a shady site but now i am playing for free. This is my money tree for while it last.

  2. Yes Laser Online is very real if you study on the their platform you can understand how 12% interest comes into the picture, PEACE WORLD! Lets build together
    I have gotten payments already confirmed and in my wallet!

  3. I wish they wouldn’t say 12% interest, that throws everybody off. They are actually returning your principal at the same time, so about 8.333% of the 12% coming back is your own money. If you earn 44% in 12 day, it’s 3.66% simple interest (44/12). They should say “We pay you back 12% of your interest & principal daily until fully repaid” or something more clear. 9/10 people wouldn’t be able to figure the interest rate anyway… it would work…I think they use this slightly deceptive statement to entice less educated folks.

    My question is: is it still a ponzi scheme if it is attached to a legit business (not sure it is) OR if it has withdrawal limits and other protections such that there can never be a quick “run on the bank” which is what usually takes down a ponzi (like Madoff, economy went bad, people wanted money back he didn’t have!)

    I though, well, check it out with the SEC and see if Laser has any issues. The SEC won’t tell about any investigations until they are confirmed and public, so basically you can’t find out if you’re gonna get fukt until they shut it down and you already are. Nice. I have a feeling this one is going to be around for a while, don’t know. $250 reinvested (10/1/17) till next Summer gets you $400K+ if you can wait that long and they are still around! Tight limits on withdrawals unless you recruit…Im gonna try for $500/day, no recruiting required.

  4. Thanks, don’t how long it will last but no complaints here, but it is always good to diversify,
    join this 8 year old verified program, it pays 1% daily and you can compound it.
    One of the safest place to grow your bitcoin


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