LaserChain ICO (LSC Token) Review:

Monetization of games is an issue that has been debated in the gaming community for quite some time and with the rise of the blockchain technology, it has become something that has been discussed in the blockchain industry, too. The answer to all these debates can be seen in products like LaserChain.

LaserChain is the self-entitled world’s first crypto war game. In this game you will be able to play at the same time that you mine tokens and you will be able to use them as in-game currency.

The LaserChain Game

Basically, LaserChain will be a war game that can be played in low to mid-range computers. It is a real time strategy (RTS) game that can be played on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. You can play it by yourself or online and you can build your own empire in the game by making strategic decisions on how to construct features that will help you to play better.

The game will enable you to join one of three main factions, so you can build your own army, mine resources that can be used to create really good weapons and launch strikes that will make your opponents dazzled.

This will allow the game to be played either solo in which you play against the computer or with your friends (or even people that you do not know well, which can help you to make new friends).

How Does LaserChain Work?

What will really set LaserChain apart from many other casual games that you can find is its monetization system. LaserChain tokens will act as the in-game currency that you can use to buy things in the game like upgrades and special items.

The main twist is that the company will sell the LaserChain tokens during the ICO and then it will never actually sell them again, so either you buy them now or you will have to earn them in the game.

To get tokens, you will really have to mine them, which you can only make during the game. Mining will never be boring with the “proof of play” system created by the company to let you play while you mine.

The more players are playing, the less tokens will be mined, so you will receive more money if you are an early adopter of the game and start playing as soon as it is launched. A total number of one billion tokens can be mined.

The tokens will based on the Waves platform and can traded on DEX, the official Waves exchange. The tokens will be really yours and you will be able to withdraw without fees whenever you want to. This will enable the player to give its money to its friends or to trade it for other types of currency.

The LaserChain (LSC) Token Sale

  • The company is currently selling LaserChain (LSC) tokens, which are Waves based tokens.
  • A total of 200,000,000 LSC tokens will be sold
  • Pricing: for $0.10 to $0.20 USD each.
  • The sale has only began and it will last until June.

It is important to notice that the sale will be made to jumpstart the economy of the game, not necessarily to create the game or the platform, which are already complete. You can also use the referral program and 5% for each friend you invite.

The LaserChain Team

A team of developers has worked hard to make the LaserChain ecosystem a reality. They are Justin Pumpr (design), “Aeon” (infrastructure), Scott Scheferman (security), Tanya Yakovleva (web), Benjamin Taller (coder), Anthony Devries (testing), Jay Jodway (finances) and Matt Boh (marketing).

The LaserChain Conclusion

If you like this kind of game, you might be interested in what LaserChain has to offer to you. In case you don’t you will probably not be. The company states that this is not really an investment, but an actual game that might really turn into money but that’s an if, so only buy LSC tokens if you liked the idea of the game.

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