Lavenir is an online ICO platform that seeks to provide Cryptocurrency users with top-notch lending services. The developers of the platform are a group of banking and finance experts with years of experience in the Cryptocurrency investment. The platform claims to offer members long-term solutions with their wide variety of investment options and affordable transaction rates.

How Can I Benefit From Lavenir?

Over time, Cryptocurrency lending platforms expose users to risky investments through the use of bots to gain massive interest rates. The claims turn sore with time, leaving users with loss wounds. However, Lavenir promises to eliminate the aspect of empty promises from the ICO sector through the use of real persons in deal closings. By doing so, everyone on the platform, including beginners can negotiate their terms and select options that meet their needs. According to the developers, the move is to help investors gain a stable source of livelihood.

Furthermore, the platform guarantees members a percentage of ownership rights depending on their value. Thus, users can receive dividend and vote on issues affecting the platform such as all kinds of site proposals. By so doing, members gain a sense of belonging hence work towards ensuring the sustainability of the platform. However, you don’t have to invest in the token as anyone with a Cryptocurrency account qualifies for the Lavenir token location.

Additionally, unlike other ICO lending platforms that employ restrictive measures against other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, Lavenir offers flexibility. From Litecoin, Ethureum, Dash, Ripple, Monero to Bitcoin, users get a variety of options in crypto trading. Through these features individuals with more than one Cryptocurrency accounts can conduct their transactions with ease, hence saving time and extra exchange costs they could incur.

The Lavenir platform doesn’t only revolve around Cryptocurrency but also in other forms of investment opportunities such as bonds and stocks. Therefore, members get exposure to all these options in their investment journey.

What Makes Lavenir Unique?

Lavenir adopts a unique way of operation by offering users long-term sustainability plans lacking on other ICO lending platforms. Additionally, the platform operates on constant interest rates which apply you immediately sign up as a member. Through this, you don’t have to worry about changing interest rates in the future.

Furthermore, the platform adopts an interest-balancing component to ensure investors stand to gain even in low seasons. Also, the blockchain-enabled system automatically releases payouts to individual accounts at the end of each day.

To Invest or Not?

While the decision to invest in any ICO platform remains yours entirely, there is need to weigh out your options. If what the developers of the Lavenir platform claim turn to be true, then there is so much to gain. However, like any other ICO platform, you can never be sure until it’s up and running. Therefore, be sure to invest reasonably, even as you wait to make your investment on Ethureum come the fourth if April.

Wrap Up For Lavenir

Levenir is all set to launch its ICO come April 2018.The platform promises its investors long-term sustainability plans that seek to change the outlook of the ICO sector while improving their lives.

With other investment options such as bonds and stocks, members get to use their various Cryptocurrency wallets for exchanges. However, you might consider starting small and increase your investment as you gain insight of inside operations.

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