Leaderbit is a UK-based bitcoin scam. Find out how this “investment opportunity” works today in our Leaderbit review.

What Is Leaderbit?

Leaderbit, found online at Leaderbit.biz, advertises itself as “your reliable partner in matters of investment.” The company, founded in July 2017, promises to help investors enjoy the powerful gains we’ve seen from the cryptocurrency industry.

There are plenty of red flags surrounding Leaderbit and its “investment opportunity”. The biggest red flag, however, is that the company advertises guaranteed returns of 12% to 13% per day. On the internet, when someone advertises returns that high with no risk, it means you’re almost certainly being scammed.

The other red flag with Leaderbit is that there’s no hard work or risk required. The company gives you free money without you having to do any work. All you need to do is give the company your money. They specifically guarantee a return of 12% to 13% per day, every day.

In any case, Leaderbit accepts investments ranging from 0.005 BTC to 200 BTC. The more you give the company, the higher your returns will be.

Of course, as with many of these bitcoin investment scams, there’s no evidence that any client has ever made money, nor is there any evidence that any customer has been able to withdraw their profits. For all we can tell, Leaderbit will disappear with your money as soon as it’s deposited.

Leaderbit Features

Despite the obvious nature of the scam, Leaderbit advertises all of the following features:

  • Favorable Terms: “The loss is an unlikely scenario due to the work of specialists who have calculated all the risks.” Yes, that’s the word for word description on the official website.
  • Guaranteed Payments: Leaderbit claims to guarantee payments. Yes, you’re guaranteed returns of 12% to 13% per day, according to the Leaderbit website.
  • Easy Withdrawals: Leaderbit claims to offer withdrawal limits of 0.0005 BTC. Again, there’s no evidence that anyone has been able to successfully withdraw money from the platform.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Leaderbit doesn’t list much contact information online. However, they claim that their support team is standing by 24/7 to help you “in any situation.”

Leaderbit was launched on August 9, 2017. So far, the company claims to have attracted 660+ users who have deposited a total of 51.93 BTC and withdrawn a total of 25.513 BTC.

Leaderbit Pricing

Leaderbit offers three different investment plans, including:

Service Plan “Stable”

  • 12% guaranteed ROI per day, every day
  • 12 day term
  • Minimum investment of 0.005 BTC
  • Maximum investment of 5 BTC

Service Plan “Extended/Advanced”

  • 12.5% guaranteed ROI per day, every day
  • 12 day term
  • Minimum investment of 5.001 BTC
  • Maximum investment of 20 BTC

Service Plan “Maximum”

  • 13% guaranteed ROI per day, every day
  • 12 day term
  • Minimum investment of 20.001 BTC
  • Maximum investment of 200 BTC

As “proof” that it works, Leaderbit posts your “guaranteed daily profit” when you deposit your money. If you deposit 5 BTC, for example ($21,000+), then you’ll earn a guaranteed daily profit of 0.6 BTC per day ($2600).

In other words, during a 12 day investment period, you’ll turn your $21,000 investment into a total of $81,800.

Obviously, there’s no investment in this world that can offer you guaranteed returns as high as that.

Who’s Behind Leaderbit?

Obviously, Leaderbit is a scam. Let’s take a closer look at who’s running the scam.

Leaderbit’s “About Us” page has no information about the company or its management team. The only information we have about the company comes from a PDF file showing its incorporation document. That document claims that Leaderbit Limited was registered as a UK private company on July 21, 2017 under the company number 10877777.

A quick Google search for that company number shows that it does appear to be a legitimate registered corporation in the UK. It’s registered as a financial management company.

The company was registered by a British man named Eddy Smith. Smith is a 41-year old man listed as the Director of the company. The address of the company is the address for an apartment in London (27 Old Gloucester St).

That address, interestingly enough, has previously appeared as a scam online. It’s featured on a website called ScamWarners.com, where it’s described as an apartment rental scam. In reality, however, the address appears to be linked to a post office service: so the Leaderbit “headquarters” is really just a post office box.

No further information is available about Eddy Smith, is background, or why he’s qualified to handle your investment.

Leaderbit Conclusion

Yes, based on all of the information we can find online today, Leaderbit is certainly a scam. The company guarantees returns of 12% to 13% per day – which is simply not possible in any industry, not to mention the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. The company also doesn’t list any information about itself, its founder, or why they’re qualified to manage your investments. The only contact information for Leaderbit is for a post office box in downtown London.

For all of these reasons, Leaderbit appears to be a pyramid scheme or investment scam. The company will accept your bitcoin deposit, then disappear as soon as it collects enough money. Unless more information appears online proving the legitimacy of Leaderbit’s investment opportunity, there’s no information to suggest this is real.

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