Leading BTC Mining Corporation Bitmain Looks to Quebec, Canada Which Hurts Local Miners

Passionate Bitmain Petitioning Compelling Miners to Leave Quebec

Four weeks after Quebec authorities lifted a moratorium on permitting Bitcoin miners, businesses in the area have started indicating that they will vacate the place due to impending unfavorable policies.

Jonathan Bertrand, the founder of D-central, has claimed through twitter that as a result of conflicts of interests at administrative levels, smaller participants have been left entirely astonished at the happenings.

Being a resident of Quebec, Jonathan asserts that he would like to be part of the development of the local economy. Unfortunately, it has become quite difficult and it has seemingly become rational to seek for environmentally favorable places elsewhere. Through his twitter handle, Jonathan declared that these developments have saddened him since they have been building the ecosystem for the past one year.

Power And Politics

In the recent past, the province of Quebec has been at the epicenter of a struggle due to the fact that it has better conditions, with low cost hydroelectricity for large scale mining of the crypto. Previously, the nation’s national energy supplier Hydro-Quebec appeared to be welcoming towards miners.

However, early this year, the firm seemed to have made a U-turn over the same after it warned that it will no longer accept more applications for the service. In many ways, politics seems to be at play after the Prime Minister indicated that Quebec is no longer interested in miners. This is due to the fact that some miners seemed to be saving finances prior to the moratorium notice on electricity sales.

The recent news that the energy company will only supply power to miners in accordance with its own in-house guidelines has raised eyebrows to local operators such as Bertrand. According to Bertrand, the new regulations seemed indiscriminate and were likely to offer partiality to Bitmain, the brassiest bidder.

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