Presently, the educational landscape lacks the modern infrastructure required to make a leap in creative education. Fundamentally, teachers and students are not adequately equipped with tools to optimize the learning experience. Despite their crucial role in development of human beings, teaching is one of the most poorly remunerated careers. Also, students with unique talents are continuously ignored by the existing education systems.

What Is Leap With Alice?

Leap with Alice LLC (LWA) avails learning materials for free as well as a peer-to-peer platform on which members can create, purchase and sell educational content. Using the integrated augmented reality capabilities, teachers can easily generate immersive and interactive content. Moreover, LWA has several templates and in-depth guides on how to create effective learning material.

Classrooms and learning institutions have not been left behind in this era of technological advancements. Nowadays, the scope of educations has been significantly expanded by the incorporation of electronic smart devices into classrooms. LWA envisages a classroom that maximizes the use of smart devices to personalize the learning experience. Consequently, students will have the tools need to realize their full potential, while teachers will be rightfully compensated for the pivotal role they play in upbringing future generations.

Challenges Facing The Educational Sector

Low Engagement of Smart Devices

Currently, smart devices are only used in place of bulky textbooks or during assessment tests. Thus, while students have access to a vast library of learning material, a majority of them rarely interact or engage with the content.

Ignoring of Unique Abilities

Some students struggle to keep up with the pace at which teachers present their content. Others possess unique abilities that impede higher level skills such as critical thinking, engagement, time management, and so on. Essentially, the market does not offer tools to nurture these unique talents. Although teachers have access to smart devices, the gadgets are not optimized to individualize learning.

Immeasurable Value Undercompensated

Teachers play a monumental role in the development of young minds. However, they often resort to additional part-time jobs to supplement their meager salaries. Teaching is a tedious job, and when paired up with mediocre remuneration, it can result in poor performance.

E-learning Popularity

Undoubtedly, the popularity of online learning has considerably grown in recent years. Nonetheless, employers still doubt the credibility of e-learning degrees due to the absence of a quality standard.

Content Theft

Every year, students’ proprietary content is plagiarized and sold without their consent.

The LWA Solution

Augmented Reality

By introducing this technology, LWA will create interest amongst students while simplifying the teaching process.

Fostering Unique Abilities

The LWA platform provides enhanced tools to enable teachers to identify the appropriate teaching methods for students with special needs. As a result, such kids will maximize their potential.


LWA will rewards its members for the valuable role they play in the ALICE ecosystems. Furthermore, users who create and sell content will get ALICE tokens.

Credibility and Trustlessness

All users will reactive a digital identity which will be sued to record their academic achievements on the blockchain. Dues to its inalterability, the blockchain ledger will act as reference point for employers.

Data Privacy

Using proxy firewalls and 2-factor authentication, LWA will guarantee the safety of students’ intellectual property.


The ALICE Token is the utility cryptocurrency of the LWA platform. The total supply of ALICE tokens is 90,000,000, half of which will be sold in the crowdsale. The ICO is scheduled to start in October 2018, with an exchange rate of 1 ETH for 5,000 ALICE. Only Ethereum is eligible.

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  1. Great company and a great team! They are still looking for SEED funds to launch! If you believe educators should get paid more, support this company and let’s get the right tools in those educators hands! Let’s change education altogether!


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