Ledger Crypto Wallet Adds Hodl And RecoveryCheck For Improved Security

Two new ledger apps designed to enhance security were announced in a Twitter tweet today. The first of which is HODL, the second is Recovery Check 2, both help crypto holders keep their currency safe from online theft. The process protects tokens from hackers by disconnecting them from online services.

Customers can use ledgers to ensure all the correct numbers match up, ensuring for a safe transaction. The first of the applications RecoveryCheck, is a new application used to verify the user’s twenty-four-word recovery phase. The verification is needed if a cryptocurrency holder’s private key is compromised. User’s still must keep track of their private security phrase, keeping it safe from unwanted users.

Previously, it was a difficult road to ensure their security phrase was accurate. But, with RecoveryCheck, the process is simple enough for anyone to use. There’s no need to take the time-consuming steps you would otherwise need, to ensure your phrase is accurate. The company created the new application with the clients in mind, it makes the integrity of the system safer for the user.

As for HODL, it’s a new way of making sure the address of your wallet is setup and accurate when you receive funds. You can now input your wallet’s address directly from the Ledger Nano S, which operates like a virtual keyboard. It’s still important users validate their address, checking to make sure it’s the right one as seen on their screen, HODL simply helps reduce human error.

Ledger is working hard to improve the user experience; both apps can be installed via Ledger Live. The company is currently working on other products as well to make the system safer and more efficient.

What applications would you like to see developed by Ledger? Leave your ideas in the comment section below.

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