Ledger Wallet

Ledger is a hardware wallet company with significant backing within the crypto market. Millions of users invested in their Initial Coin Offering, and the company certainly made good on their promises to provide an innovative hardware wallet for the most safety-concerned of cryptocurrency investors on the increasingly-volatile market.

Hardware wallets have gained traction as a possible alternative to the traditional wallet systems, many of which have been critiqued for lacking in security and true decentralization. The small devices are similar in appearance to a flash drive, but they function to store specific cryptocurrencies on their internal hard drives. When a user wants to evaluate or trade the currency, they simply connect it to their computer and move the contents using one of many applications offered by its creators.

The newest releases are poised to help expedite the process, making it easier than ever for users of hardware wallets to access their coins, assess their assets, and prepare for a variety of different financial interactions involving their own cryptocurrency holdings.

Ledger Desktop App

The Ledger desktop application has been outlined by the company, along with a pile of additional features which could help maximize the functionality of the project. In particular, the native desktop application supports 28 separate currencies, multiple devices, allows for the consultation of accounts without the need of the device itself, as well as the ability to send/receive transaction histories and balances on the account.

Furthermore, the new application implements several safety-based qualities, keeping true to the security concerns which helped inspire the initial creation of the hardware wallets in the first place. Namely, the desktop app requires confirmation before any file is sent or received, a device verification on the part of the receiving address, as well as additional features native to the original tech.

The final component of the new application has to do heavily with the user-interface component of its development. Though the hardware wallet is certainly a major tool for security-minded crypto hoarders, it was majorly lacking in accessibility for the average user. Consequently, the newest innovation includes a myriad of features poised to make the project easier to access for its owner.

These features include a quicker account syncing process, a simple walk-through process for new users, as well as several technological innovations meant to bridge the gap and provide newbies to the crypto-scene with the tools necessary to control their finances.

Ledger Mobile

If the desktop innovation wasn’t enough, Ledger has also recently announced the roll-out of a series of wallet applications for mobile devices, including both the Apple iPhone and the Android. The initial release of these new projects is supposed to be the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, and will follow closely after the release of the desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Ledger has already established itself as a foremost competitor in the cryptocurrency wallet market. Their unique hardware wallet provides a safe and secure place to store digital assets. In the latest move by the company, the release of Ledger’s mobile and desktop applications will help to secure and even more significant stake in the growing market.

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