LendChain Digital Asset Finance Service Platform & GXChain Blockcity Get Millions in Funding

Institutions Contains GXChain Donate Tens Of Millions Of Yuan To LendChain

LendChain, which is a platform that provides financial services for distributed digital assets has just received large investments from various institutions contains GXChain. The amounts that were donated exceed tens of millions of yuan.

A Massive Donation To LendChain

LendChain's recent announcement states that they received a large donation, which amounts to tens of millions in yuan. The institutions that are known to be participants of the financing include PreAngel, Bianjie Capital, GXChain, GXChain Capital, Liebian Capital, as well as Bitepai.

Despite the fact that GXChain is more than just an agency that handles project investments, it still managed to reach a deep cooperation with LendChain. For example, this agency's Blockcity will help LendChain by diverting traffic. This will ensure that its 1.6 million verified residents will come to understand what the LendChain platform is, and how to use it with ease.

LendChain And Its Services

LendChain is, in some way, unique. It represents the first financial service platform that deals with distributed digital assets, and it is based on blockchain tech. This allows LendChain to provide token holders with many different financial services. Those include investments, wealth management, financing, as well as insurance.

When it comes to financing, LendChain can provide token holders with a mortgage, as well as various servicing revolved around credit financing. Those will cover several cryptos, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, as well as GXS, and more. As for investment, LendChain has a team of professionals that can help users by providing them with floating and fixed income.

LendChain is described as efficient, and safe, which is why it is quite an attractive investment for many institutions dealing with investing in blockchain technology. They are also strong when it comes to promoting their cooperation with GXChani, which ensures that they will expand their client base.

One part of this agency's improved security includes recording all of the transactions related to lending, as well as the services that they are providing on the company's blockchain. This is a safe and secure way of handling data regarding the users' assets, since it cannot be tampered, deleted, or influenced in any other way. This guarantees transparency, as well as the fairness of every deal made with the firm.

Another important thing is that the company also provides various services that include post-loan monitoring, collateral management, as well as credit assessment, that is based on smart contracts. That way, the platform is completely and entirely automated, and there are no artificial links for any of the processes provided by the service.

This way of conducting business has multiple benefits, like improving the response performance, as well as serving a large number of users accurately, and at the same time. The platform had performed internal tests, which was proven to be successful. It also plans to have a public test, which will come soon enough,

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