What Is Lendelta?

The first fully automated crypto trading Bot powered by AI?

Lendelta is a trading platform for the cryptocurrency industry powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is fully automated removing barriers and ensuring everyone profits. The blockchain technology secures investor funds and guarantees long term returns trough diversification creating multiple income streams and additional returns which go into an investor protection fund.

Lendelta began by building its team in January 2018. Data collection and development of the DLTA trading Bot was done in February and was followed by the preparation of a smart contract in March, finalizing the whitepaper in May and testing of the DLTA algorithm and smart contract in June 2018. Lendelta plans to start a contract with external exchanges such as CoinExchange, EtherDelta and HitBtc by October with other exchanges set to follow later.

Lendelta reduces time spent and eliminates human errors involved in trading. It is the first to bring an affordable, stable and fully automated crypto trading platform in the world.

Lendelta Team Members

The Lendelta team consist a group of passionate developers and traders. It includes 6 people with a strong technical background, 4 having over 7 years’ experience in the software industry and 2 with over 3 years Blockchain experience. All team members have strong knowledge in Solidity and JS.

How Lendelta AI Powered Crypto Trading Platform Works

Lendelta has been developed on the Ethereum platform with its native currency being the ERC 20 based DLTA token. Transaction speeds are set to match a million transactions a second, facilitated by Ethereum’s new proof of stake mechanism set to be integrated soon.

Lendelta leverages machine learning to perform analysis on news and other events likely to affect cryptocurrency prices in order to make trading decisions. The Bot is flexible allowing it to get better at analysis and to develop new skills in the course of its operations. Returns are earned through lending, staking and trading using cryptocurrency, arbitrage, airdrops and ICO’s.

Lendelta DLTA Token ICO Details

The ICO presale commenced on July 25th and will be followed by 2 ICO rounds on the 1st and 21st of September respectively. The recommended wallets to receive DLTA tokens are MyEtherWallet and Metamask. Investors are required to send ETH tokens to the address: 0x61dED342E74B0a463F1D15cf399B97D265893Ca5, in order to receive their DLTA.

DLTA tokens cannot be mined after the initial sale and investors will need to buy them from exchanges.

Each DLTA token is valued at USD 0.25 for the presale period, USD 0.5 for the 1st and USD 0.75 for the 2nd ICO rounds.

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