Lendium Tech LEM ICO Review

Lendium, also known as Lendium Tech or Lendium.tech, aims to introduce a new era of private banking by creating a corporate lending platform on the blockchain. Here’s our review.

What Is Lendium Tech?

Lendium Tech, found online at Lendium.tech, is a corporate lending platform built on blockchain technology. The corporate lending platform, unlike other P2P lending platforms, will be marketed towards enterprise clients seeking capital. Companies that want to generate returns from their capital, meanwhile, can be matched with borrowers willing to pay.

That all sounds good – but Lendium Tech appears to be a cryptocurrency scam. The company has all the red flags we associate with crypto scams, including advertised ROIs of 57% per month and higher, mysterious “trading bots” that generate incredible returns, a lack of transparency about the team, and an overall lack of information about any aspect of the business. The whitepaper is just 20 pages long and explains little information about the platform.

How Does Lendium Tech Work?

We’d love to tell you about how Lendium Tech works – but there’s really no information about the platform available online. Most of the Lendium Tech website and whitepaper is spent explaining why the platform is a great investment opportunity. The platform spends very little time explaining how their platform works, how they plan to lend money to corporate clients, and how they plan to generate returns of 57% per month.

Instead, the whitepaper is filled with promises about how much the tokens will be worth (the company promises that tokens will be worth $800 before the end of 2019, for example).

There’s no information to backup these ridiculous claims. The whitepaper also spends a significant time explaining the Lendium Tech lending program. Lendium Tech has a pyramid scheme-style affiliate program that pays you commissions down 5 levels of referrals (10% on the first level down to 1% on the fifth level).

The Lendium.tech lending platform revolves around the use of LEM tokens. You lock LEM tokens into various investment packages to earn massive returns.

Who’s Behind Lendium Tech LEM?

Lendium Tech refuses to disclose any team information. The company claims its team as “20 years experience managing assets and developing international business for private tradicional [sic] financial companies and more than 4 years making profit trading with cryptocurrencies.”

With qualifications like that, you’d think the team would want to mention their names or background. Unfortunately, there’s no team information, location info, or contact methods available online.

Ponzi schemes like Bitconnect (which were eventually shut down) were infamous for refusing to disclose team information to the very end. In general, you shouldn’t send investment money to someone who refuses to disclose team information or contact info online.

The Lendium Tech LEM ICO

There’s a total supply of 30 million LEM tokens. Just 8.1 million tokens will be sold during the ICO. LEM tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Of the remaining tokens, 16.4 million are held in the lending reserve fund (likely to pay out the absurd returns advertised by the company). The remaining tokens are set for a referrals and bounties fund (2 million) operations (2 million), LEM contests (1 million), and the team (500,000).

Unlike a traditional ICO, Lendium.tech is issuing tokens over a staggered period with a fixed supply of LEM available in each round. LEM tokens are sold at a price of $0.95 to $1.85 throughout the ICO, with the price lower at the beginning of the ICO. There’s a total of 10 ICO stages.

It’s not usually a good idea to pay $1 for a value-less digital token online. However, Lendium.tech tries to convince you that it is a smart investment by telling investors that the token will be worth $800 (!) in Q4 2019. The token’s value will rise to $30 in July, then $150 before the end of 2018, before skyrocketing to $800 by the end of 2019. Lendium.tech provides no information behind these valuations.

Lendium.tech Investment Packages

The main goal of Lendium.tech is to encourage you to spend USD on various “investment packages”. These investment packages advertise absurdly high returns, including daily interest rates of 5% and higher. Investment packages include all of the following:

  • $100 to $1000: 48% ROI per month, money locked for 179 days
  • $1010 to $5000: 51% ROI per month + 0.1% ROI per day, money locked for 149 days
  • $5010 to $10,000: 54% ROI per month + 0.2% ROI per day, money locked for 119 days
  • $10,010 and Up: 57% ROI per month + 0.3% ROI per day, money locked for 99 days

Lendium Tech LEM ICO Conclusion

If an anonymous company online promises to double your money every few weeks with no risk, it probably means you’re being scammed. Lendium.tech asks investors to send money online in exchange for LEM tokens. LEM tokens can be used to participate in the Lendium.tech lending scheme, which pays returns of 5% per day.

Ultimately, there are way too many red flags associated with Lendium.tech. It has all of the red flags we associate with crypto lending scams. In fact, it’s virtually identical to infamous Ponzi schemes like Bitconnect – and the complete lack of transparency regarding the team or business is very concerning.

For all of these reasons, Lendium.tech is one crypto scam you should probably avoid.


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