There are different times of wearable devices today, with each measuring a unique aspect of our lives, ranging from cardiac rhythms to the number of steps in a day. The readily available nature of this health data from the non-intrusive, biometric sensors has helped in providing important current health statistics and predictions for the future. As blockchain continues integrating in different markets, LenusChain has prepared an intuitive solution for this market segment.

Introducing LenusChain

LenusChain is crypto-based startup that combines token economy and blockchain technology with health data management. Users can download the LenusChain App and start experiencing a whole new way of managing, storing and tracking their health data. This data could either be their personal data or data that is shared by a group of people as a way of tracking progress when doing a certain workout.

Flexible Health Spaces

Through granting limited access to certain data, this platform will make it possible to easily combine several wearable devices in one dashboard, thus creating a health space. LenusChain is flexible and should be able to cater for a wide range of needs. For example, one health space can be created for corporate users, where the data is analyzed anonymously with a focus on the general health status.

Depending on your reasons for monitoring the health data, LenusChain allows you to remove or add specific data blocks. For instance, sports and corporate wellness clearly need completely different sets of data to measure success or progress. Luckily, the user friendly LenusChain dashboard is easily customizable to fit the client’s preferences.

Secure Data Sharing

All the collected health data from the users will be stored in a tamper proof format on the decentralized blockchain, including on the user’s smartphone. The reason for this is to guarantee data security at all times, which is critical when dealing with such a fundamental issue as health data. Furthermore, by allowing users to choose individual levels of data security, LenusChain can easily serve all branches of the market, whether private or corporate users.

Using Tokens to Enhance Motivation

Using the BPM tokens within the LenusChain environment, admins can create a competitive setting to help in increasing motivation. Users will be automatically assigned BPM tokens once the system detects improved behavior, which will be measured by improved health data sets. These rewards in token form are released automatically based on the smart contracts, either to each person or entire teams. The tokens can also be traded within the LenusChain marketplace.

Customized Health Alerts

Yet another unique feature available on LenusChain’s platform is the customized health alerts. You only need to add a close friend or family member into your health space for them to be authorized to receive push message alerts when any drastic data changes are recorded. Even if you are going on holiday in a remote location with limited access to health services, you will always have the peace of mind that someone will inform medical services immediately they are alerted of a considerable change in your critical health data.

LenusChain ICO Information

  • Token Symbol: BMP
  • Token Sale Starts: May 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: June 2018
  • Token Price: 0.4 $
  • Total Supply: 50 Million BPM
  • Token Standard:
  • Soft Cap: 750.000 $
  • Hard Cap: 15.000.000 $

Final Thoughts

The combination of blockchain with health data through LenusChain is highly useful and has plenty of positive implications. It not only provides users with comprehensible health information but can also be used by a group as a way of monitoring their general health data.

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