The freelance economy is fast becoming a career option for most of the young generation. While technology is driving up the growth, there is still need for improvement on the online middleman systems. Much of the struggle is on freelancing using platforms where they can host their services directly to the clients. That is the primary challenge, but luckily blockchain is providing an option to have the clients and freelancer s on one platform and have the services and products in a decentralized manner. Here's one blockchain venture that on course to deliver freelancing services and promises a much brighter future for employers and freelancers

What Is Leonardian?

Leonardian is a decentralized blockchain platform offering a direct channel between freelancers and clients in need of digital assets and services through a digital domain. The venture aims to encompass every end-user under a standard code product to enable copyright protection on all items such as video, graphical, audio and 3D.

The Leonardian project is promising to disrupt the world of digital assets by providing a marketplace for services such as software products without the need for intermediaries. Additionally, Leonardian is aiming to solve the software world with a distinct market with a whole new level of technology thanks to the blockchain.

Leonardian Digital Assets & Services Marketplace Features

  • Provider- the development team will offer the buying a provider profile from where they can submit their digital asset or services. Additionally, they will add an E-wallet from where they can purchase the Leonardian tokens (Leons).
  • Front End app- the application is the leading portal for all the user within Leonardian and will channel the transactions and queries to the smart contracts for confirmation.
  • QA Team- any queries for services, requests, tasks and asset ratings get confirmation within this portal, with the feedback
  • Client portal – for the user they get a client service, an e-wallet, and marketplace.
  • Smart Contract- to facilitate the authenticity of the assets and transactions, the intelligent contracts are put to use by the clients and freelancers
  • Server- the Leonardian server assigns the services information and the QA function

The operations on the platform will have the user first transfer all the necessary information on the digital asset or product on sale.

Leonardian Benefits

Low payments- any transaction has a flat fee rate of 8% on any of the product or service. Additionally, there are no hidden costs with the price fixed on the smart contracts.

  • Instant payouts- the author of the digital asset receive their payout immediately after the transaction
  • Quality assurance- the quality assurance system combines AI technology to have a single review of the process within the ecosystem.
  • Refund system- any circumstances giving rise to refund requests from providers will occur under this portal
  • Fair mechanism- the random algorithm will work to promote providers through the platform.
  • Different payment options- while there are crypto paying opportunities, there are non-cash options through fiat transfer features such as Credit Cards.

Leonardian LEON Token ICO Details

Leonardian is launching a pre-ico for their LEON token set to go live on 04/16/18 through 05/12/18. You can purchase LEON tokens using Ethereum.

Leonardian Conclusion

The current marketplace is facing challenges, and Leonardian is proving beneficial with its upcoming venture. The platform could show to have excellent opportunities for users to trade their assets and services and benefit from them. In conclusion, Leonardian could organize for more providers to offer products and services.

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