Leon’s Coin

Today we will review Leon’s Coin, a new cryptocurrency token created by the adult market entrepreneur Leon Lambert.

What Is Leons Coin?

Leons Coin is the name of a new cryptocurrency which was created as a currency to be used on the platforms created by Leon Lambert. These tokens act as a way to pay for the services provided in the sites created by the author, who describes its own token as “probably the most interesting idea since the blockchain technology was created”.

The objective for the creation of Leon’s Coin was to simply create some links and stability for multiple platforms and to chance the adult entertainment industry using the blockchain technology.

You will be able to access these platforms both on Android, iOS and desktop computers.

Who Is Leon Lambert?

Leon Lambert is, basically, a porn producer with a lot of marketing. He is based on the Czech Republic and makes porn and soft porn related content, but he generally presents it as if it is the most mind blowing thing in the world. Leon’s Coin is the new investment of this entrepreneur in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

How Does Leon’s Coin Work?

This will be a cryptocurrency which can be used to have access and to pay for special features on a number of sites created by Leon Lambert. As you might have already imagined, these are mostly adult content site (aka porn), so beware of that.

The Leon’s Coin ecosystem will be formed mainly by two platforms, the “Island”, where “all the action will take place” and Leon’s World, which is a huge index for the sites created by Leon Lambert.

The Island, it seems, will work somewhat like a social media platform and a multiplayer game in which users will be able to entertain themselves (and following the majority of the content created by Leon, probably it will have something to do with sex).

The main platform will host sites like “Porn is Boring”, “Game of Cums”, “Babeschallenge”, “Twerk TV” a whole myriad of different porn sites created by this author. Most of them are paid, so you will only be able to access the content by buying the tokens.

How To Buy Leons Coin?

The sale of Leon’s Coin will start on March 19 and it will last until all the tokens are sold. The company intends to get a mark around 9 million USD by selling the 200 million tokens that it has put on sale. The price of the tokens will vary from 1 ETH buying 11,000 LEONS tokens during the pre-sale until the same amount of ETH buying 8500 tokens after the fourth week.

The Leon Wallet, in which you will be able to store the Leon’s Coin tokens, will be based on the Alpha Design. Any person from any place in the world will be able to buy Leon’s Coin (but beware that countries like the United States or China might not agree with this).

The Leons Coin Verdict

Unless you are really of Leon Lambert, nope, do not invest in Leon’s Coin. Actually, do not invest even if you like his work. Leon’s Coin uses a lot of buzzwords to basically try to confuse its potential clients into not not seeing that this is one of the most useless tokens ever.

It does not have a very strong business plan. The ICO, for instance, will keep going until the all the tokens are sold instead of burning the remaining tokens, which will lower the price of the tokens and make them a bad investment. Not only that, the products offered by Leon are not even very original or good. This is not really a scam, but it could just as well be one, so avoid Leon’s Coin.


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