Online content is growing larger and better. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the time to appreciate it. YouTube, books, blogs, TV, and video games have overtaxed our vision. Further, most of the online content is available in silent news, and only 1% is available as audio. Quality audio content is rare. To make this content ubiquitous, there is a need for an ecosystem that will provide hassle-free and affordable video production and distribution.

What Is LetItPlay?

LetItPlay is a decentralized ecosystem that allows any news portal, blogger, community or website to create, commercialize, and distribute an audio version of their content. The LetItPlay ecosystem brings content providers, content distributors, and content consumers together allowing any news portal and even individual bloggers to afford an audio version of their content.

LetItPlay System Players

The Content Providers:

Are the owners and creators of quality content. They are the key players in the LetItPlay ecosystem.

Content Distributors:

Are the ones who create services that will deliver content to the consumers. These include mobile apps, smart apps, websites, and social networks among other systems.

Content Consumers:

Are the people who want a quality audio version of any online content. The LetItPlay ecosystem ensures that consumers get audio content that is tailored to their needs.

Service Providers:

Are the people and businesses that provide services for audio production. They include narrators, translators, and audio production studios among others and they will be paid using play tokens.


Are the businesses and individuals who would want to deliver their content to a targeted audience. The advertisers pay consumers for their attention with play tokens.

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization Or DAO:

Will manage blockchain development and the growth of the ecosystem. The DAO is made up of delegates that have been chosen for their competence and contribution.

To make the audio-content production profitable, the ecosystem will use the attention economy. The providers of the content will reward the consumers for their attention such as likes, comments, reposts, and listens. The reward size will depend on the combined play power of the provider and the consumer.

LetItPlay Content To Audio Reward System Advantages

Having the producers, consumers, and service providers in one ecosystem will change the audio content market by:

  • Creation of new opportunities for freelancers who will work as editors, translators, and narrators
  • The service providers will have a stable source of income
  • Service providers will access the global market
  • The cost of audio production will decrease
  • The creation time of audio content will decrease down to 30 minutes
  • Content providers will be able to produce audio in an affordable and quick manner
  • Consumers will access tons of quality content
  • Distributors will be able to access a unified source of content that they can use in their apps

LetItPlay PLAY ICO Details

The Play token is an ERC20 token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain network. The ICO date for the token sale will be from 2nd April to 1st June 2018. The tokens will be distributed in four stages during the sale. 60% of the 1,000,000,000 available PLAY tokens will be available for purchase during the public sale.

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