Were nearly four months into 2019 and the one question that the global crypto community has yet to address is “Which Altcoins have performed the best since the start of the year?”.

So, in this article, we will look at some of the premier digital currencies (i.e. coins with a reasonable market cap.) that have surged the most since the end of the recent bear season.

Value Gains

Straight out the gate, we will look at those tokens that witnessed the highest jump in their trade values recently:

  • VestChain: VEST gained a whopping value of around 95% over the past couple of weeks.
  • Bitcoin Cash: During a recent 24-hour market rally, the price of BCH rose by a monster 89.66%.
  • IOST – Spurred by the launch of the project’s mainnet around a month back, IOST has experienced a surge of over 66% recently.
  • Dogecoin – After a slow couple of months at the beginning of the year, DOGE has once again had a breakout of sorts— with the token’s value rising by over 60%.


Another important aspect to consider when talking about the best-performing currencies of a particular market is their “adoption rates”. In this regard, a research study published by Weiss shows that TRON, EOS, and WAX are among the top used alt-assets in the market today. Not only that, these coins were even able to stay in the green during last years crypto bear market.

EOS — The currency’s native tx volume increased from 7,000 per day to about 4.6 million last year.

Tron — TRON’s tx throughput surged from 3,000 to 1.9 million during the the same timeframe.

WAX — The project saw its native tx capacity jump to a whopping 6 Mln recently.

Altcoins are Becoming Less Correlated With Each Other

A recent study has demonstrated that while the correlation of most digital assets with Bitcoin has remained strong up until last year, the past 6 months have seen a loosening in this tight bond and other lesser-known projects are able to make gains even when BTC is not doing all that well.

In light of this news, many experts are claiming that the crypto market is now evolving and that people are looking at a number of different projects rather than just the old staples (such as Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.)

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $141.78B $7,999.6729 0.40% $4.57B
ETH $26.34B $247.9930 -0.81% $1.98B
XRP $16.05B $0.3810 -0.96% $370.91M
BCH $7.05B $395.9999 -2.49% $224.83M
LTC $6.27B $101.2671 -0.58% $758.41M
EOS $5.75B $6.2951 -1.64% $489.42M
BNB $4.75B $33.6460 -2.16% $364.2M
USDT $3.07B $1.0042 0.05% $4.15B
XLM $2.38B $0.1234 -1.91% $40.48M
ADA $2.07B $0.0799 -0.69% $41.98M

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