LetsGo International is a new cryptocurrency company focused on offering a blockchain service for people who are interested in investing in vacation property around the world. The goal of the company is the eradication of annual subscription fees, which can bring liquidity to vacation properties.

Vacation properties are not a type of asset that has liquidity and, because of this, this company was created. The company aims to disrupt the industry of vacation rentals by changing how these properties can be shared around the world. As always happens during times of changes, this company is trying to use technology to improve their business by supplanting the old one.

The company believes that this industry has become too stale because it has not changed almost nothing in over 40 years despite the advances of the technology around it. By using the blockchain technology to tokenize this industry, LetsGo International intends to demolish the current model of business and to create a whole new way of doing business on vacation rentals.

The company already has a large portfolio, which will grow in time. It includes many properties in different countries that the token holders can use when they want to. Most of these properties are located in places like beaches or other turistic spots.

The LetsGO International (LGO) Tokens

The LGO tokens are used as proof of the ownership of the vacation properties. Each token was priced at $0.01 at launch and it they are Ethereum-based. These tokens will allow the investors to have the liquidity that they need when they are dealing with their properties.

If you were expecting a token sale, you will be disappointed, as the tokens were launched in March and now you will only be able to get from the holders at cryptocurrency exchanges. The tokens are needed to use the services of the company, so you might want them if you want to use LetsGO International.

At first, buying the LGO tokens will be considerably cheaper than paying the market price for rental properties, as the tokens are still not expensive. Not only that, but the price, which is still very low, will rise in time making it even more interesting to invest in these tokens. Because of this, it might be a good idea to buy the tokens from this company if you are interested in what they are offering.

What Can You Do With LetsGO International?

By holding the tokens, you are able to pay for the rights of using any of the properties that the company has. The tokens can be used to stay in this properties without actually having to pay any fees of commission. The only thing that you have to do is spend some tokens.

It can end up being considerably cheaper than using fiat currency because of the token prices, which are very cheap at this time, but will probably not stay like this for long.

The holders will also perceive that their tokens are constantly more valuable if they do not use them because the market will probably make the price of the LGO tokens rise, which means that if they keep the tokens for some time, they will be able to spend them and get a lot more time on these properties than they normally would if they just bought the tokens right before the trip.

The LetsGO International Team

The leader of LGO’s business operations is Fadi Chaaban (CEO)< which has founded the company and previously had experience as a hotel administrator. He’s aided by Abiu Seifu (lead developer), who is a software engineer based in San Francisco and contributed to Ripple. Kenneth Howe is the vice president and lead of business development. He is a professional accountant with more than 15 years of career.

The advisory board of the company is made of Haval Frankeen, co-chair with 30 years of experience in venture capital and co-founder of several fintech companies and Ingram L. Tsai, which has more than 20 years of experience in helping management teams to find their places in the market.

LetsGo International Conclusion

This company can definitely be a good choice for the people who have some money and are interested in travelling. While we would not necessarily suggest it to normal investors or people without much money to travel, LetsGO International can definitely be a good fit for these kinds of people.

If you are interested in this type of company, know that there are many companies that are mixing blockchain and real estate properties and some of them are even more attractive than this company.

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