The blockchain ecosystem is home to tens of thousands of different startups, all of which possess unique and innovative perspectives and ideas. Unfortunately, the startup ecosystem is extremely competitive. More than 90% of startups fail to achieve success, which results in the loss of valuable knowledge and concepts.

Many startups abandon disruptive technology over the course of their development, which leaves many dreams unfulfilled. Ultimately, many startups fail to find exit strategies that reflect their true value and the amount of effort they have exerted in creating their concept, platform, or service.

A new blockchain based mergers and acquisitions marketplace aims to change this by providing sellers, assessors, and buyers with a comprehensive platform that facilitates the disassembly, reconnection, and reuse of innovative and valuable startup concepts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Lexit platform and find out what it plans to achieve. We’ll also look at the upcoming Lexit ICO and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s worth participating in.

What is Lexit?

Lexit is a new blockchain based marketplace that is aiming to provide entrepreneurs with the ability to incorporate processes, concepts, ideas, and technology from discontinued projects into new and successful contexts. The platform at the same time offers startups the ability to create and execute lucrative exit deals.

By utilizing blockchain based tokenization models and a broad spectrum distributed network of appraisers, Lexit will offer unparalleled flexibility and ensure that ideas never go to waste.

Lexit offers dedicated solution for sellers, appraisers, and buyers. Sellers are able to use the Lexit platform to list their projects, verify them, and collect offers, which then can be used to finalize lucrative exit deals.

Appraisers are able to use the Lexit platform to assist with the verification and evaluation process, while buyers are able to browse a marketplace of projects, evaluate them, and place offers. All three of these processes will be facilitated by the creation and transmission of a token called the LXT, which guaranteed quality, fairness, and transparency.

Assessors working with the Lexit platform are screened and verified independent contractors that are rated with a reputation system that is generated through buyer input, ensuring highly accurate assessments every time.

The Lexit ICO

The Lexit ICO has not yet released a date at which it will occur, but it’s possible to sign up for email updates via the Lexit website. Similarly, there is no white paper available regarding the project available as of yet, but it’s safe to assume one will be released as the ICO date is announced.

Lexit is, however, currently open for pre-listing, allowing prospective sellers to list their project anonymously and benefit from high levels of exposure upon the launch of the platform.

The Verdict On Lexit

Lexit is a wholly original solution in the ICO ecosystem, and, on launch, will be the only blockchain based acquisitions platform in existence. If you’re interested in the development of the Lexit platform, it’s definitely worth signing up for updates via the Lexit website.


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