LH Crypto

LH Coin, also known as #LHCoin, is a token that promises to pay you monthly income from “operational activities” on a binary options trading platform. Find out what that means today in our review.

What is LH Crypto?

LH Coin, found online at LH-Crypto.io, is an upcoming cryptocurrency that will be used to pay for trading activity on a binary options/forex trading platform. As an LH Coin token holder, you receive monthly income from operational activities on the platform.

The platform behind LH Crypto or LH Coin is called Larson & Holz. It’s a forex broker and binary options trading platform that’s been in the market since 2004. Today, the company has offices in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

With their LH Crypto ICO, the company seeks to raise funds to create a cryptocurrency version of their broker, where all operations are processed exclusively in cryptocurrencies. They’re doing this because they want to avoid the strict regulations surrounding binary options trading and national currencies. The company believes they can avoid this problem using cryptocurrencies.

How Does LH Crypto Work?

Larson&Holz is the company behind LH Crypto and the LH Coin. The company has been operating since 2004.

Today, Larson&Holz continues to offer forex trading and binary options trading. With their LH Coin ICO, the company seeks to raise money to transition services to cryptocurrencies. The proceeds of the ICO will be invested into a separate branch of the broker, where all operations are processed exclusively in cryptocurrencies. That means deposits, withdrawals, and other operations all take place in cryptocurrencies.

“At the final stage of the project these transactions will be processed in broker’s tokens. This minor modernization will radically change the broker’s economy,” explains the official website.

The main goal is to give Larson&Holz access to new markets for its services. It will also allow the company to operate in countries that have harsh currency regulations (the LH Coin whitepaper identifies, China, Arab countries, and several Latin American countries).

The LH Coin ICO

The LH Coin ICO is divided into three stages, including a pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO. Each stage is scheduled to last for one month.

The company is expecting to raise $1 million (soft cap) to $10 million (optimal cap) through the token sale, although they also have an “ultimate cap” of $50 million listed. The $50 million amount is the hard cap, and the token sale will be stopped if it reaches that point.

50% of the total supply of LH Coins are going to the ICO, 20% to the pre-ICO, with the remainder split between founders (6%), bounties (4%), payroll (6%), crypto exchange markets (9%), and a buffer (5%).

The company has a system called the token rate insurance system, where they guarantee a 20% yield on tokens:

“We are so confident about the success of our project that we take the responsibility to keep the yearly profit from our tokens at the level of 20%,” explains the official website.

To do that, the company plans to deposit a bonus into the investor’s personal account if the LH Coin token market price is below the nominal plus 20%.

Larson&Holz also has a referral program where you can earn 3% returns by referring new investors to the ICO.

The pre-ICO is scheduled to take place from October 30 to December 2, 2017.

The ICO is scheduled for December 4 to December 30, 2017.

Any unsold tokens will be destroyed at the conclusion of the ICO.

Who’s Behind Larson&Holz?

Larson&Holz is led by John Larson (Key Investor and Founder), Georgy Pavloff (Chief Operation Officer), and Alexandr Smirnoff (Chief Audit Executive).

The company is based in Hong Kong.

LH Crypto Conclusion

LH Crypto, or LH Coin, is a new cryptocurrency initiative launched by forex broker Larson&Holz. The initiative seeks to create a new cryptocurrency called LH Coin that can be used for all forex and binary options trading services on the Larson&Holz platform. Investors can use this currency to make deposits or withdrawals on the platform.

Overall, the goal is to create a cryptocurrency that can be used to avoid financial regulations in particular countries. Certain countries ban online gambling, binary options trading, and other activities using national currencies, but the same restrictions aren’t always in place for cryptocurrencies.

With that in mind, Larson&Holz wants to create tokens that can be used as utility tokens on the platform, while tokens can also be used as an investment: token holders receive income as part of a cashback program, for example, and Larson&Holz has a system that guarantees a 20% yield for investors – that’s how confident Larson&Holz is about their success rate.

To learn more about Larson&Holz and the LH Coin ICO, visit online today at LH-Crypto.io

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