Liberdy is a decentralized advertising Data Management Platform (DMP) driven by blockchain technology that rewards users when advertisers make use of their intellectual property. By doing this, Liberdy aims to bring parity to the digital advertising sector.

Currently, the online advertising industry is marred by two challenges. Firstly, data is not considered a commodity, meaning that users are not included in the ecosystem. Secondly, advertisers often receive inaccurate date due to persistent malice within the existing systems.

Liberdy uses the capabilities of blockchain technology as well as GDPR regulations to empower users, giving them control over their data rights and thus enabling them to earn profits from the same. Presently, users are getting meager returns in exchange for their property, primarily due to intransparency in the transactions involved. By reclaiming rights over their proprietary info, users become equal partners of the digital advertising space, receiving equitable earnings for their rightful property.

The data sent to the DMP is information that users currently share with internet giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. Liberdy is powered by blockchain technology which guarantees that the data is accurate, verifiable, and time-stamped and of the best quality. Moreover, all transactions recorded on the blockchain ledger are transparent to all members of the Liberdy ecosystem.

Essentially, Liberdy is a consent-based data management platform that avails unique and dependable information to advertisers. As of now, such crucial data is obtainable from limited and closely-guarded resources, such as Google and Facebook. Also, it returns ownerships rights to the creator, setting a precedent for future permission-based publicizing.

Advantages of the Liberdy Ecosystem

The ecosystem has three main components; users, publishers and advertisers. The following are the benefits each category enjoys.

For Users

  • Get rewards for data that is currently being shared for free with Google, Amazon and Facebook.
  • Have control over personal information.
  • Access an advanced rebate platform.

For Publishers

  • Generate a fresh revenue outlet.
  • Improve the quality of users’ data.
  • Capitalize on the GDPR regulation.


  • Easily interact with their preferred digital service provider.
  • Access to a vast collection of useful dat.
  • Access to quality, content-based data.
  • The blockchain ensures that data is verified before publishing.

Liberdy Data Platform

This DMP relies on blockchain technology to segment, mage, secure and validate the data. This cutting-edge solution is compatible with the existing infrastructure, bringing in additional benefits such as dependability, accuracy and transparency.

The Liberdy data platform comprises of:

  • Liberdy app – this application prices the user’s interaction with the Liberdy platform. Additionally, it acts as a digital wallet, managing tokens, balance and rewards.
  • The Liberdy Data platform – it is the primary interface of the DMP
  • Demand – this ensure the continuous creation of content to be sold on the ecosystem.

Liberdy (LIB Token) ICO

To realize its goals, Liberdy will issue LIB tokens during the scheduled crowdsale. The tokens will have a soft cap of $5,000,000 and a hard cap of $30,000,000.

Token distribution

The tokens will be allocated using the following criteria:

  • 30% will go to the crowdsale
  • 10% will go to the team
  • 10% will go to early contributors
  • 49% will be allocated to the reserve fund
  • 105 will go to the bounty.

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