Contender for Libertarian Party Accepts Bitcoin as Donation Wisconsin Ethics Commission Not for It

Phil Anderson, contender for Libertarian Party’s role of governor, has previously approved the cryptocurrency giant, bitcoin as an option for campaign donations. Unfortunately, this does not serve well with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission, as they view such acceptance as illegitimate.

According to the claims made, Anderson proposed the idea of offering different options for payment to the Ethics Commission, to which the latter replied that the digital asset “does not appear to fit”. Hence, forcing to hand over the matters to the Legislature.

Despite the hesitation in the idea, Anderson is strongly against turning down donations from those who are align with his views. In particular, he shared,

“We will not allow the lack of appropriate interpretation of the current statute (to) affect the First Amendment rights of those who want to show support and contribute.”

It has also been revealed that a letter was sent to Senator Devin LeMahiey and Representative Scott Allen in explaining why the Ethics Commission felt it was necessary to hand over the request to the Legislature. It appears that the hesitation arose due to two facets popularly associated with cryptocurrencies – its volatility and the anonymity behind them.

The Ethics Commission believes that permitting cryptocurrencies as a payment method may be problematic due to the fact that it might not necessary be in “compliance with state law”.

In response to this statement, Anderson does not see himself as an opposing individual, saying that him and his team “are not thumbing our nose at the (commission).”

Besides the two facets that seem controversial to officials, the fact that it has been confirmed that Russian agents were capable of interfering the 2016 U.S Election, namely, through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies might be playing a large role in it all.

Anderson appears to be strong in his stance and does not believe he is committing a crime of any sorts. As for those who wish to donate to the campaign with cryptocurrencies, it will be done through BitPay. However, additional, personal information, like one’s name, address and contact information will also have to be provided.

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