LibidoCoin LBD ICO

The blockchain technology is rapidly growing each and every day as new industries are accepting the new concept of making payments and extra money. The adult service has not been left behind on this new significant movement on the internet. Libidocoin is the first adult service that has been powered by the blockchain technology.

It is indeed something interesting that has just hit the internet, let’s read on to find out what this new platform has to offer.

A Little About Libidocoin

We are sure you must be wondering what is this Libidocoin all about? Well, it is a payment and access control solution that the company realized the adult industry has really been waiting for. For many years, it has been known by many making payments for adult services and the various products offered is very difficult, the credit cards could be unreliable at the time you need it or the creators just end up being cheated.

So this is where Libidocoin is coming into play, as it is a peer to peer safe digital currency. The coin immediately eliminates the need for you to trust credit cards and banks. As you will have the power to know exactly where your money is especially when you would like to purchase a product or service.

But the Libidocoin is not just the traditional digital currency you have been accustomed to; it is actually a specialized currency that is aimed at creating a marketplace in the adult service. A market that offers user security, privacy and a coin that does not need the trust of another third party, all this is just to ensure transactions move smoothly for the parties involved.

The coin has been designed to facilitate payments for the content producers in a much more discrete way. Thus, this ensures both the creators and producers remain anonymous at all times, at the same time the coin assuring payment processes are efficient.

Some Of The Features The Coin Offers

The Libidocoin platform offers various features that we are sure will blow your mind, the ones discussed below are just a few of what to expect when you get on to the platform.

The coin offers zero chargebacks as compared to the credit card companies, as this companies tend to penalize business with multiple chargebacks, notably when a customer disputes a payment, which is something that happens quite often in the adult industry. As we know, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible thus this puts the business in control.

There is full anonymity, so you will not require any type of log-ins or even registration. Therefore, this provides all parties complete anonymity. It could be the best news that the adult industry could be receiving so far.

There are low processing fees on this platform as most adult payment processors would have a 15% fee on each transaction. A good example is Epoch and CCBill. But when we compare with the cryptocurrency, it ranges between 0% to 0.5% per every transaction, meaning the platform can put more money in each businesses wallet, nothing but good news.

The platform has no restrictions, as we know many countries have restricted the adult industry, but when we move to the blockchain technology, this is not the case. As this platform will eliminate such restrictions, you could say goodbye to these problems once and for all.

Our Take On The Libidocoin

If you are looking for a secure payment platform that keeps your identity at bay, then Libidocoin is the way to go. I mean, why not be a part of the world’s highest income generating industry, because this is precisely what the Libidocoin is ready to offer you.

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