Life Cross Coin

Have you ever wished there was a way for you to earn crypto by investing in charity? Would it not be great if you were rewarded in crypto for doing something positive for humanity? This is exactly what LifeCrossCoin will do for you.

What Is Life Cross Coin?

LifeCoinCross is an efficient crypto platform for trading and donations that aims to create a unique ecosystem that aims to assist and support charitable organizations. However, LifeCrossCoin is more than just a charity platform. It will also help people who take part in ICO grow their investment.

Life Cross Coin Benefits

One of the benefits that you get will be the safety of your investment, which is secured by the blockchain. Besides that, the creators of the platform promise high profits for investors. Additionally, the trades on this platform will be transparency. Finally, there is the added bonus of knowing that you will be assisting humanity.

If you take part in the LifeCrossCoin ICO, you will have a chance to be part of a blockchain-based charity initiative where you also make a profit. The developers of this platform want to bring about a technological revolution to charity using the blockchain.

How Life Cross Coin Blockchain Charity Platform Works

The Lifecrosscoin foundation will manage the donor-advised finances. Donors can donate to the foundation after which they can offer recommendations on which charities need the funds.

The funds are a fast way to develop a charitable giving alternative in the US. This is because they have a direct tax deduction while offering the flexibility to explore and determine which pool of budget will pass. The board of this foundation will do due diligence to ensure finances go to those that need them the most.

The LifeCrossCoin fund is structured in a beneficial way. The charities that receive LifeCrossCoins will transform them to fiat. Thus, Charities will need to actively sell their partnership with the company and adopt LifeCrossCoin for donations.

Each donation that is made and every partnership that is forged will add credibility to this project. This will also increase the adoption of the LifeCrossCoin tokens. By the end of Q3 2018, the developers of this project estimate that the coins will be quite popular. In fact, they estimate they will be the most popular altcoins.

The growing awareness about the coins and the various charitable partnerships will create an appealing environment, which will increase the price of the digital coins. Crypto is looked at cynically by some. However, having a coin that has some altruistic use to it could help grow its appeal. You have a chance of bettering the world even as you grow your profits.

Life Cross Coin LICO Token & ICO Details

The LifeCrossCoin tokens will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens will be ERC23 standard tokens. Thus, they will be supported on most Ethereum tokens such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, Ledger Nano S, and on decentralized exchanges.

Parameters Of The ICO

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