High Yield Investment Programs–short HYIP, can generate fast returns in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and act like classic fund investments–an HYIP company manages your invested finances in an account and you will be rewarded with certain percentages return. But HYIP have their risks which will need to be evaluated carefully. Many HYIPs promise daily or even hourly returns, but lot’s of payment statuses need to be reviewed carefully before investing. In this article, we are looking into the HYIP.

Until we start investing in we cannot know the actual paying status of the site. However, if you want to invest your spare funds, try some other investment companies which have been reviewed on our blog already.

Is Lifepay Paying?

It is not clear if has a certain payout, as we have not finished reviewing all the High Yield Investment Programs on our list yet. It will need some more research time until we can make a forecast of some sort. Please visit our blog regularly, as we are constantly reviewing new sites that can be interesting for you.

Is Lifepay Risky?

The investment in has risks to it and so do many HYIP investments. We advise first time investors to avoid reinvesting until after a while. It can be a tricky to only rely on one HYIP for the first time unless their payment status is known and trusted. Make sure you monitor payment status frequently and discover their current payment status.

Lifepay Investment Plans offers a variety of investment plans for its investors.

  • 31.08%-1.1% hourly for 96 hours
  • 1.5%-2.0% hourly for 72 hours
  • 5%-8% hourly for 36 hours.

Lifepay Conclusion

At this point, we can not affirm if an investment in is positive or not and we do recommend to do your research before investing. It is crucial to know about its status from multiple HYIP monitors before fully engaging in the company. We hope that all investors stay cautious and curious and keep on looking for legitimate HYIPs.

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