What is Lifetask?

LifeTask is about to start their pre ICO sale in less than 18 days. And it’s the first decentralized competence system that is designed to help find talent for specific jobs and verify the skills levels at the same time. The purpose of the platform is to actually help you find a job you love. And not just work for the sake of making money.

How Does Lifetask Work?

The purpose of the platform is to significantly reduce the price that it will cost to hire for the business and the person looking for work. The platform is brand new in design and guaranteed to help people find the best position that they can, while at the same time helping businesses find the best employees. There is also a P2P system that is decentralized and works on the newest tech in the cryptocurrency world.

The community on the company platform is also said to be highly specialized and gives people the ability to see what talent is available across the country, and all over the world. And the main goal is to finally give companies and job seekers the ability to work together in the best possible way because positions being filled with the perfect person.

And not only that, but they are changing the way the old school recruitment operations worked on a worldwide basis.

What is the LifeTask JIBS Token ICO?

The token sale for the company is broken up into four separate phases for the purpose of selling. The first week is a presale week with a 15% token bonus, the 2nd week gives a 10% and the third week gives a 5%. The final is the ICO in which the tokens will go for one ETH each.

To see a full disclosure of the token distribution and how many sales will take place, you can check it out in full detail on the company website. They give the exact and detailed breakdown that of how they will release the tokens to the team, the investors and which percentage will be saved for the purpose of mining.

Along with that, there is a highly detailed roadmap that shows the companies intensions for the next few years. You can use it to track their progress and see if they are actually able to stick to their desired plan. Lifetask plans on being available on multiple devices and web applications.

Who is Behind Lifetask?

There is no disclosure on the team which sends a pretty bad message that they are no operating with transparency. It’s a pretty major red flag that says a lot about the company and their intentions. An honest company should have no problem with giving out personal information. And Lifetask has also given no information on where the location of the company headquarters is located. I would take this into consideration before investing with the company.

LifeTask ICO (JIBS Token) in Conclusion

Lifetask has some great ideas and could possibly innovate the industry. But the reality is, we have no idea who they are. And without that, there is too much risk to invest with them. I would wait until you know more about the company and at the very least attempt to contact the team before sending any money to Lifetask.

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