The taxi industry has experienced increased growth for the past few years. The demand for cab services is on the rise. The effectiveness of app-sharing technology such as Uber and Lyft has led to more non-employed operators in the market.

Despite this growth, most drivers and passengers are not very satisfied with the traditional cab services due to the high cost that passengers have to pay and because of the many hours wasted.

What Is LIFT?

Lift platform is the next generation driving platform. It is set to introduce a decentralized platform for taxi services that will encourage progression. Everybody can use the free platform since there are no fees charged on the platform. For countries such as India where the taxi services are inconvenient and expensive, the Lift platform will be of great help. The high numbers of drivers provided by the Lift platform will reduce the estimated arrival time, which will make the Lift platform popular among customers.

The platform uses a location-based app for hiring on-demand private drivers using cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The technology allows customers to watch their driver’s en-route as the driver comes to pick them up. This makes this platform convenient and cheap. All the customer needs to do is to tap on the app on their smartphone and the nearest taxi driver will come to pick them up.

How LIFT Private Blockchain Transportation Driving App Works

The users need to sign up for an account with the platform. After the signing up, the cab gets the mobile app on your smartphone, which gives you an opportunity to see how much the ride will cost. After installing the app, the user can log in and set up a payment method.

LIFT Advantages

Reduced Fees

The standard taxis charges are higher than those charged by the Lift platform. The payment process is characterized by low transaction costs no matter how many transactions you make. If you choose to use the LIFT tokens, the transactions are instant and attract zero fees.

Use Of Crypto For Everyday Life

Crypto payments are integrated into our everyday lives through the use of this platform.


All types of travelling services are found on the platform from an easy ride, taxi, to even the business limousine.

Different Payment Options

You can pay for services using different payment options including Fiat currencies and digital coins that include BTC, ETH, DASH, and LIFT. LIFT tokens attract zero fees and the payment is instant.

LIFT Token & ICO Details

The token allows for the first open source-driving network. The network uses a disclosed source code that can be viewed, changed, and used by third parties. The open source software relies on the active participation of users in the network.

The token is used as the main payment method within the Lift network. This will increase the demand for the token and stabilize the price of the token. The use of the smartphone app makes the LIFT token and other cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. With a simple tap on the smartphone app, one can swap their Fiat currencies to crypto.

The LIFT token is priced at $0.07 and investors interested in purchasing the token can do so using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The token sale is already underway having started on 25th March this year and will end on 15th July 2018.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: LIFT
  • Regular Token Price: $0.07
  • Soft cap: $5,250,000.00
  • Hard cap: $23,159,500.00
  • Total Available LIFT-Token: 509,999,890.00
  • Payment Methods: BTC, ETH

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