What Is LightBitAtom LBA?

The LightBitAtom platform is now the biggest decentralized exchange in the world that focuses around multi-crypto applications. The platform hasn’t even officially started, in fact it’s in early enough development, so it’s not entirely clear entirely how the platform will work. It’s likely that LBA Exchange will be very similar to others online, but hopefully will provide more solutions than other similar exchanges. One thing for certain is that you can count on the trading platform not being censored, without any risk of it ever being stopped. It’s absolutely needed to secure the health and future growth of the platform, let alone its ultimate survival.

How Does LBA Decentralized Crypto Exchange Work?

The platform was started in 2017, and you can go to the company website to see a full disclosure of the platforms goals, then track them to see how accurate they are on their predictions. It’s a very easy to use platform, first you need to get some tokens. To get tokens, signup for a membership, once done you’ll gain instant access to the premium version of the system. And to do that, you need to have a balance of the LBA tokens. The higher the balance you have, the more services that you’ll unlock within the system.

There is also a fee payment, but the fees for trading on LBA are normal rates. They don’t have any type of hidden fees or charges. Now, you’re aware of the fees, the next step is to focus on the size of your holdings, which can increase the speed at which you are able to execute when a priority transaction needs to occur.

LightBitAtom LBA Token ICO Details

The Pre-ICO starts in just under two days, and to earn a profit with the platform – you need to have tokens. The first strategy is to buy and hold the tokens, or the alternative is to sell your tokens on the exchange following the token exchange after the ICO.

The token is the LBA, with a total supply of 1,205,000,000 LBA Tokens with a price exchange of 100 LBA to $1 USD. And the mode of purchase runs in Ethereum, or ETH. The exchange rate is based on polonieux buy rate/USD and the ICO has a duration of 3 months. And following the ICO, the unsold tokens are destroyed.

The ICO structure of the platform is based around a total token amount of 1,205,000,000 – which wil equate to the distribution of tokens are as follows: 87% to the investors, 8% to pre-reserved tokens, 2% to the bounty program, 3% to the private pre-ico.

Who Is Behind LightBitAtom?

Dmitry Seliverstov is the development founder and CEO of the company. And he has more than 10 years of experience in project and asset management. Denis Maverick is another of the members, and Co-Founder of the company as well as CDO. He also has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and promotions as well as business processes and computer engineering. The rest of the team is highly dedicated and specialized in their respected to field of practice. The company is ran out of Tampa Florida and is 100% verified to be a real company, something that should help you rest at ease with your investment.

LightBitAtom Conclusion

LightBitAtom is setting out to be one of the largest exchanges in the world. And not only that, but to use multiple currencies, never just focused around one or two. If you’re looking to become a part of the LBA Network, then head to the website at

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