Lighthouse.Cash: Developer Mike Hearn’s BCH Crowdfunding Project Re-Launches

Mike Hearn’s Re-Launches Crowdfunding Project Known as

The Bitcoin developer known as Mike Hear decided to launch a BTC crowdfunding application known as Lighthouse. All the crypto community was very excited about that at that time and were waiting for the beta version release.

Once the platform was launched, the Bitcoin community was discussing how to properly scale and tackle the problems that the network was already facing. But, Mr. Hearn was upset about how the Core development team was working and not finding solutions for the scaling issues.

After it, Hearn decided to leave the project behind. But now, like several projects all over the world in the crypto sphere, is now revived. the Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform Based on Bitcoin Cash

The main intention behind is to create a platform that would use smart contracts so as to fund different projects. Now, the project has been brought back to life with a developer that decided to help setting it up with the team at was able to contact the team at and ask them about the project. Ari, from, said that the team has been working with the anonymous developer to be compatible with the Bitcoin Cash network. The main intention is to compete with Kickstarter and Indiegogo, according to them.

“The plan is to actually compete with Kickstarter and Indiegogo so we have a couple of features we’re planning on adding, and will develop to be a gallery. Mike planned for these galleries to pop up and compete so we’re trying to make that happen,” said Ari.

At the moment, the platform is not fully launched yet. Currently, visitors are able to take a peek at the site and see how it may look in the future. Cashpay has also decided to help the anonymous developer to start working on the project.

It is very nice for the Bitcoin Cash community to see that there is an intention to resuscitate the Lighthouse project. In the future, many other projects designed for BTC may start working on the Bitcoin Cash Network.

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