Anyone trading in cryptocurrency knows how challenging the process of the transaction is. The procedure is known for being painfully slow and could take hours or days just to verify the trade. That is especially the case when it comes to trading Bitcoin, with its high volume within the blockchain. However, blockchain technology is improving on this inefficiency through the creation of advanced crypto exchanges that could improve on the speed and accuracy of the cryptocurrency transaction. New crypto exchanges are promising speedy network which can handle a large number of sales within a short time. Today's review is one such crypto venture, and you would want to hear of their extraordinary speeds for your financial transactions.

What Is Lightning Crypto?

Lightning Crypto is a cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to provide and facilitate an excellent, ultra-fast blockchain transaction service. Their new paradigm, Lightning Crypto Finance will have users exchange cryptocurrency through a variety of secure and lightweight network that will hold thousands of operations. Lightning Crypto is out to challenge the fiat currency exchanges as well as crypto exchanges that are inefficient when it comes to security and speed of transactions.

Features Of The Fast Crypto Spot Trading Platform

As a trading platform, Lightning Crypto will work offer

  1. Spot trading- traders, get to transact and get immediate delivery of the settlement thanks to the blockchain technology.
  2. Margin trading- users can leverage their funds or borrow against their existing funds to trade on a crypto's “on margin” in the trading platform.

Although yet under development, Lightning Crypto plans to roll out more features in the coming future. These will include

  • Futures
  • Anonymous exchanges that will operate with a minimum deposit of 5 Lightning Crypto (LNC).

Benefits To Using Lightning Crypto

Lightning Crypto put a claim on having several advantages as to why their trading platform is best on what it can offer the crypto users. Here are several of the merits

  1. Superior technology- Lightning Crypto network allows for over 1,400,000 orders within a second which is remarkably fast. They further claim their certified matching engine as one of the fastest in the crypto markets.
  2. Strong technical team- the official founder Thomas Lee brags of years of experiences in crypto financial markets and stock exchange.
  3. Efficient utilization of industry resources- the trading platform plans on building relationships with more investors, advisors and the public to help the platform grow.
  4. Extra earnings- apparently profitable crypto trading is not the only benefit of the platform as you can also get to earn by referring friends or family and get the 5% commission.

Lightning Crypto LNC Token ICO Details

The company has launched an ICO for the LNC token which is ongoing through 10/01/18. You can invest in the token using Bitcoin.

What The Future Holds For Lightning Crypto

Most of the crypto traders are not aware of such a project claiming to create one of the most scalable trading platforms. That is usually common with crypto ventures, and I would have to confess that it is not a useful feature. The lack of detailed info for a blockchain venture gunning for investors still baffles me. Such is the case with Lightning Network less than enthusiastic whitepaper. While the concept for a faster trading portal is complementary, there is no other proof to substantiate how, or where they plan to have such a platform. Consequently, this is not a good sign for any wise crypto trader judging from the history of past exchanges.

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