Lightstar is a crew responsible for treating patients to the most advanced international standards in psychotherapy. The team consists of neuroscientists, doctors, psychotherapists, as well as dedicated working professionals to help in solving complex and global problems related to mental health. It is the upcoming generation of mental health centers working to cure PTSD, depression, drug addiction, and anxiety by intertwining the heart and the sacred using modern technology alongside scientifically validated breakthrough treatments.


LightStar ensures that every aspect of their center is designed to ease the healing process as well as providing safe, calming, private, comfortable, and a welcoming experience. They merge the industry’s premier delivery protocols in both Ketamine and MDMA, which is currently in the phase III trials. They also believe that when indicated and applied to a patient by a medical professional and when using proprietary technology in a talk, sound, and virtual reality therapies will create an earthshaking personalized treatment platform.

They bring together highly empathetic therapists who have a proprietary multi-modal treatment system. This tapestry of heart-driven technology and healing allows the customers to understand themselves and free themselves from the patterns of mental distress while accelerating their healing capacity. They have a multifaceted system of therapeutic openness, connection, and intuition united with a technology-led and a scientifically verified approach to treats individual’s entire mental spectrum.

LIGHTSTAR Healing Mental Health Project Plans

LightStar plans to deliver a human connection that will lead to cognitive transformation and discovering new link between mental illness and physical diseases. These diseases should be scientifically validated and publishable. They focus on using a clinical research network informed by proprietary scientific data architecture. They continuously pursue new psychosomatic links between the physical diseases and the mental health.

They aim at addressing the unresolved developmental trauma and chronic stress. The project anticipates potential resolution of the numerous psychosomatic yet regenerative medical conditions. They believe that the essential mission for not only them but also everyone is to work together to end mental suffering. They will apply all technologies with the most excellent medical minds in the universe. They hope to free people from mood disorders, and various chronic diseases because of the underlying physiology.

They focus on intervening to find a broad application when peer reviewing of publications demonstrating their effectiveness will be on publication. They also hope to set up a network of clinics with data infrastructure, which can generate data that is publishable at scale as well as at a high frequency. Their center is development labs for scalable international tech services, and their portfolio of services will be accessible by individuals from all walks of the universe to enhance their impact.

What You Should Expect With LIGHTSTAR

The Lightstar virtual reality system is a first-class technology that will assist you in regulating emotional, physiological as well as resilience to stress. Their musical frequencies and percussive sounds will facilitate the process of emotional change as well as a sound therapy, which has many benefits in various outcomes in the medical settings.

You will get talk therapy sessions and heal heart-driven connections to create space for integrating both negative emotions and memories. For more information, you can get more help by sending them an email: [email protected] and you will get to know more about them. You can also contact them on their website and they will get back to you.

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