Music streaming services provide men and women with more than great beats at any time, but they also are how many get through the day. One particular music streaming service called Lightstream has been a popular source of music streaming, however it isn’t with its drawbacks. For instance, one of the most significant reasons behind its lack of widespread adoption is the privacy issues impacting the service. Many users tend to be dissatisfied – and rightly so – that much of their information is stored on the blockchain where everyone can see it.

Fortunately, the service has reported that it has adopted efforts that may make it easier for users to use the service for their music streaming needs, without having to be concerned about their privacy. The new protocol that the service plans adopting will enable users to grant and deny access to personal information and content transmitted through the decentralized network. With this type of system, users can listen to music, share videos, and other digital content without having to worry about privacy issues.

To provide better security, Lightstream plans to utilize Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanisms and peer-to-peer file sharing technology. These two features promote smart contracting where contact creators are in full control of who receives and is denied access to the content. These types of privacy controls may make Lightstream a better and more user-friendly system for all users. To learn more about Lightstream and to get started, just visit the platforms’ website today.

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