Likium ICO

What is Likium?

Likium is a new cryptocurrency network. The purpose of which is to help close the gap existing between cryptocurrency and internet users who are in the business of ecommerce. On the website, there is a whitepaper you can download and read, and you can register for the company. The company is preparing for another token sale soon to launch their business.

How Does Likium Work?

Likium promises that there is some very fundamental reason to work with the company. First of all, they are attempting to help spread the cryptocurrency around at a much faster pace than what has been happening. The vision is to introduce some of the cryptocurrencies of the world to normal internet users considered to be everyday people.

There is a unique lending program that they claim is lucrative. Apparently, unlike other ICOs on the market, due to the rate at which you receive ROI. This is according to the company of course. And they claim that people who invest $100 into the lending program will ultimately see an increase in value of $0.5/LKM. That means you get 200 LKM which if true, is great. You’ll be able to earn a 1% bound each day plus the lending profit of 1% as well. Not only that, but you also get your money back after you complete your first lending package.

There is also said to be a payment gateway designed to make everything easy to use. And when you make purchases online at your favorite stores, you can use one click with Likium to pay if you want. They basically claim to be here for three major reasons of the customers desires. One is to provide convenience for customers to make their shopping journey faster and simpler than ever before.

The second reason is to improve the speed of the customers experience, to help them have a more efficient shopping period. And the third reason is for the purpose of tight security. These three focuses have two purposes, first to help improve the experience for the customer and the vendor, the second to raise the customer retention numbers as well as life time value of them.

After knowing this, two basic things are being planned by Likium. First is to provide a fast method for completing checkout on e-commerce stores. The second reason is to get the cryptocurrencies of the globe to normal people, thereby cutting out the middleman.

The methods and plans are said to be clearly outlined in the whitepaper that you can read on the company website.

That’s not the only reason by the way, there is also the convenience factor. They’re creating an offer to users by way of their platform that handles transactions each day for the consumers. You won’t have to wait any longer for your credit card.

The platform is also ultra-fast and simple to use. There are smooth transactions, promised to be seamless for everything you can do on the website. Entrepreneurs and merchants would be able to accept money without the drama of dealing with a financial institution like a bank. And with smooth transactions comes the no downtime that is typically associated with cryptocurrency shopping.

The entire platform is also said to be almost free and offers some of the best online support 24 hours a day. They don’t want to give the illusion it’s free, but they claim that the transaction fees will be some of the lowest once the platform kicks off.

There customers service is said to be excellent because of the care and respect they have for their customers. That is why they have it running 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

What are the Details Regarding the Likium ICO?

As of now, they claim there have been 410,768 ICO sales for the platform’s token. And 1596 transactions have also apparently been made by the members of Likium. There is also said to be 4144 active accounts on the system that are all verified and real people who are members.

There’s quite a bit of information lacking on the website unfortunately, and its important info that any company must have if they expect to be trusted. There are so many shady ICOs on the market that it can be a bit sketchy to invest with non-transparent companies who seem to have something to hide.

Who is Behind Likium?

At this time, there hasn’t been any information disclosed as to who is running the show and where the company headquarters are located. And that is the sketchy aspect I spoke of earlier. Not to mention that they work with a lot of fluff and filler as there needs to be more information as to how the company will actually run.

Likium ICO Conclusion

The sad thing is they have social profiles for the company on four different social media sites except they have none on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn is probably the most important of all the social media sites, as it makes it easy to verify the team members.

Of course, before we could look the team members up on LinkedIn, there would have to be information on the website as to who is on the team.

So, the final advice I can give is to avoid investing with Likium until they release more information on the team who is running the show and where they’re located at. Otherwise Likium simply can’t be trusted and is going to fade like the other worthless ICOs on the market.

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